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Putrid Goat : Rehearsals 06/2011

Why does a dog lick its bollocks? Because it can. The review tells you more about the relation between Putrid Goat and a dog...

Based in Rhode Island, New York since 2009 – this appears to be the first release from Putrid Goat, being a rehearsal cdr limited to 100 copies from July 2011.

Not essentially a Doom Metal band that fits amongst these pages – Putrid Goat claim to play a gore drenched Death Doom. Although, really it’s more in the slowish Death Metal arena – with chugging riffs that lend from the style and sound of early 90s Death Metal, making me think that the protagonists here have existed mainly on a diet of Death Metal over the years. So, there is something more akin to early Transgressor, Goatlord, Obskure Torture, Autopsy etc…

Whilst it is hard to beat a good dose of slow Death Metal, I’m often perplexed by the need to release a rehearsal, which shows little positive but offers plenty to criticise. I’m not averse to raw under-produced music, nor rehearsals – they have an energy and charm that takes me back to the early 90s when you’d get a demo or rehearsal tape through the mail. And I want to like this – believe me, I really do.

Well, with “rehearsal 07/2011” I get that “what the hell is this?” feeling – but for all the wrong reasons. It sounds like it is recorded in a tin can (as do most rehearsals), with a compulsory background fuzz to boot. There is no depth to the sound, perhaps the lack of instrumentation. The musicianship is monotonous, uninspired and the rehearsal has a general feeling of being vacuous – rather than the pernicious, spiteful nature I expect from this kind of music. The same kind of feeling when listening to bands like Master or Incubus back in the day – like something of substance was missing, you can’t put your finger on it exactly but just no empathy for dark creation. The vocals are listenable but don’t add anything special to this release. The whole rehearsal sounds tame/lame and lacks genuine darkness, which is imperative with ungodly slow Death Metal of this kind.

The cdr kicks off with a workable riff, but things just meander along and generally deteriorate along the 20 minute journey. By the final track I am swamped in tedium rather than swamped in gore!

I don’t see the point of releasing this rehearsal cdr. It feels like you’re listening to the embryonic rehearsal stages of a proper recording –but then why release it in any capacity in an embryonic stage, work on it and give it it’s proper due. Give us instead something that will make us eulogise about a promising new Death Doom band, and is going to make us salivate, like one of Pavlov’s dogs, for future works.

Bands can release what they see fit – but this is standard and nothing new. It doesn’t stand out and make you take notice, it has no power and authority. But then does everything have to be original, innovative and well-crafted? Of course, the answer is no – but this sounds tired, insipid, toothless, generic and boring to these ears. Instead, stick to the old bands mentioned above – or you’d do a lot better checking out newer bands like Consecration (UK) or Voids Of Vomit (ITA) who do this slow Death style a whole lot better.

1) Why does a dog lick its bollocks? Because it can.

2) Why do bands release sub standard downloads or rehearsal stuff like this? Because they can.

The relationship herein being that just because it’s much easier in this day and age to disseminate music in our global society – it doesn’t make it right or necessary to do so. A more discerning and discretionary outlook is required - being objective in what is good or otherwise.

Overall, very disappointing – perhaps Putrid Goat will come back with something much better and stronger next time.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Severed to Death
2. Morbid Funeral Rites
3. Tortue and Pain
4. Spawn of Hideous Deformity

Duration : Approx. 20 minutes

Visit the Putrid Goat bandpage.

Reviewed on 2012-01-25 by The Caveman
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