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Malasangre : Lux Deerit Soli

Malasangre's new piece consists of two horrendously long tracks of their crystalizing trademark sound.

One could hardly complain about the general state of Doom in Italy. Being in some of the darkest ages since World War II these years, the country seems to have been quite good at spawning some seriously disturbed individuals, organized under names such as Arcana Coelestia, Cervix, Consummatum Est, Forgotten Tomb, Funereal Luxuria, Void of Silence or Urna, to name just a few. As the quite exceptional sounds of each of these, the spaghetti-Doom of Malasangre is far from being among the less original nor less disturbed congregations of bipeds. Having been first exposed to this band on the obscure compilation/split tape ’Church of the Flagellation’ with their regressive, minimalistic, disturbing and sludgy track ’Revelation CCXXXIX’, my interest has been always driven by the will to hear more. And, considering it was painfully Doomy to witness how it took the band about 8 years since their last effort, ’Inversus’ (as far as I understand it, the compilation track was recorded later, but it took the full-length a longer time to see the time of its proper release), the question turns quickly to the consideration of whether it was worth the wait. Especially since the release has been postponed once or twice over the last few years. Was it worth then? Affirmative.

Coming out on the rising underground label I, Voidhanger Records from the legendary mafia-city of Palermo, which has recently put out some impressive Doom pieces – the ’Yogsothery’ compilation, a re-release of the Danish death/Funeral Doom combo Woebegone Obscured, or the dreamy cosmic Black Metal of Midnight Odyssey, Malasangre offer a new piece called ’Lux Deerit Soli’, consisting of two horrendously long tracks of their crystalizing trademark sound. That is to say – expect primitivism, repetition, minimalism and almost zero variation in the slow pace of their own mixture of Sludge and Funeral Doom Metal. Even compared to some of the Funeral Doom bands (say, of Solitude Productions style), here is much less space for melody, keyboards or solos, as well as one won't find the layered-ness in the vein of Esoteric or Nadja anywhere near here. But the striking thing is, that in absence of all this, Malasangre are still able to keep a lot of inventiveness, stay full of ideas and keep all the filth always on the correct edge of the boundary between boring, draining, disturbing and annoying and intense, atmospheric, deep and crushing. But of course, this is hardly music for anybody. It needs patience, resilience and a degree of disturbance, which distinguishes a Doom Metal fan from one used to Lady Gaga or Radiohead.

Aesthetically speaking, there seems to be a bit of change from the stoner-themed beginnings inspired by Electric Wizard, the themes of terrorism and desperation of the George Bush years from Inversus, nor the radioactive fall-out theme of ’Revelation CCXXXIX’ (somewhat related to the atomic number 239?). Not only is this time the music gone a small step further towards Black Metal in its emphasis on atmosphere, but as well the lyrical inspiration seems to draw from occultism and the religious teachings from South Asia (I'd say Hindu, but, admit little qualification on this topic) which, no surprise, influenced a deal of Western mysticism. Indeed, some of the Doom is reinforced and occasionally interrupted with sampled howling of some Indian ghost or something, some sitar (?) and sounds alike. With the well-done obscure Black packaging, this only enhances the mysticism of this piece of Doomy art. The only thing that needs to be said is that you can take this as much as words of praise or a warning sign, so do not blame it on us if over 70 minutes of music in the vein of the samples on the label's page ( http://www.i-voidhanger.com/malasangre_lux_deerit_soli.htm ) drives you up the wall of your tomb and scares the hell out of the worms in your spaghetti.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Sa Ta
2. Na Ma

Duration : Approx. 72 minutes

Visit the Malasangre bandpage.

Reviewed on 2012-03-26 by Lukas
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