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Sea of Bones : The Harvest

Post-Doom... is there such a thing? ...Sea of Bones would fit.

Whenever I review an album, I'll put it on, open up a text editor, and make notes for each song. These are always initial impressions, mixed with bands that particular sections remind me of, and interspaced with general thoughts about what I am hearing. I'll listen to the album a few more times, then open a blank window, place it beside my notes, and put together a few words about my experience.

Now that you know my method to madness, I thought I'd leave this review of Sea Of Bones 2007 EP, "The Harvest" more open. Here then, I present you with my notes. Un-edited, crude, and rife with spelling and grammar errors, I'm sure (you know, unlike my other reviews). If only because sometimes the inital impression is amusingly honest, and makes for an entertaining read.

Sea Of Bones - "The Harvest":

'Chapter IV'

- decent enough intro, it sets the mood, anyway
- sounds like a heavier, sludgier Neurosis so far
- I'm waiting to hear "Through Silver In Blood"
- heavy, AND noisy... not bad
- the song progression is certainly all over the place
- I went to grab another beer, what'd I miss? ...oh, nothing? Cool
- nice mellow spot about 10 minutes in... keeps things interesting
- still sounding like a sloppy Neurosis, though
- yet I'm still enjoying it
- it seems to tell a nice story

'Chapter V'

- did this band listen to anything other than "Through Silver In Blood" whilst recording this?
- really fucking intense, though... i feel like my fist should be pounding and plodding with the rythm
- wtf? death Metal breakdown about 5 minutes in? ...yet it works
- pretty good riffing... a little In Flames in the middle of the song, nice!
- the samples in the songs... really fucking work! ...when the songs are longer than holidays with the in-laws, this sort of thing keeps me interested
- they still sound like Neurosis, though
- though the heavier parts are almost grindcore... they remind me of Visceral Evisceration (remember those guys?)
- 11:30 ...nice riff... heavy... bulldozer... then back to quiet... and back to heavy. Formulaic? Sure... but it's executed with gusto
- well, it's fucking Doom... what else do you want?

'Chapter VI'

- another quiet intro... though I suppose if each song clocks in at over 15 minutes, it works... still, why not start out agressive from the gate at least once?
- Post-Doom... is there such a thing? ...this would fit
- kind of punk once it kicks in... but the drums and guitars seem to be playing different songs
- do I hear some diSEMBOWELMENT 3 minutes in? ...I think I do
- now the drums and guitars are on the same page
- this reminds me a bit of stripped-down, epic black Metal
- okay, 11:30 in, and it most certainly is stripped-down epic black Metal... but it works... oh, how it works, if only for a brief moment
- there's hints of blackened crust punk here (like Amebix having its way with Axegrinder in a sea of molasses and filth), or maybe it's just me... either or, it keeps things interesting
- at times, it's almost like I accidentally played a Venom 45 at 33 1/3 (You'll know what I mean if you're a hipster, or an old fart like me).
- 17 minutes into a 20 minute song, and it ends? ...the last three had better be a pretty mellow outro... it would work
- really? ...we're going to drag this out now?
- Well, fuck.

And with that, I assume you want to hear it, so "The Harvest" can be downloaded at Sea Of Bones' bandcamp site for free, here.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Chapter IV
2. Chapter V
3. Chapter VI

Duration : Approx. 53 minutes

Visit the Sea of Bones bandpage.

Reviewed on 2012-04-25 by Matt Zuchowski
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