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Compel : Compel

Compel sound like a 70s heavy psych fuzzed-out version of EYEHATEGOD and early Sunn O))).

I'm going on record right now to state that Compel will never, ever win any musical beauty contests. Well, not unless they threaten the judges with a thorough beating, and let me tell you, this two piece from South Carolina seem more than able to do just that.

This three song, self-titled demo (and their first, I might add) starts with a 22 minute song titled '(The Capture) Hag'. I don't think this was a good choice for an opener, as the listener may be wont to tune out before 'shit gets real', so to speak. The first few minutes can be best described as a little too dissonant, and even somewhat sloppy. It seems as if the band is trying to get comfortable, and find a niche, before things really kick in.

How they kick in, though! Halfway through the first song, and I'm thinking "so this is what it would sound like, if EYEHATEGOD and early Sunn O))) played fuzzed out, 70s heavy psych!" along with "How the fuck do you get that much low end out of a Mexcian Strat?!". This is filthy swamp doom. Absolutely fucking filthy swamp doom, and some of these riffs are downright angry.

You will know exactly what to expect early on into this demo. However, Compel manage to surprise the listener a bit, especially during the last half of 'Let It Be The Devil', and opening of 'Giants (The Escape)'. I can't help but throw out a nod to the seemingly NWOBHM influence happening here. Iron Maiden is not a band I thought I'd ever mention in this review, but there it is (and neither is In Flames, but again, there we go). Yes, Compel, you can play with madness. Mind you, the overall influence seems to lie more in mid-90s Gothenburg, than in late-70s London.

While the last track, 'Giants (The Escape)', does start off a little heavy metal, it ends much more in the realm of the early 90s American death metal scene. It's akin to a sludgy Mortician at times, and the ending is classic "Mental Funeral" era Autopsy. Still, I was mainly left thinking to myself: "Crowbar, Down, and Burning Witch walk into a bar. They drink the place dry, and Compel comes out."

Filthy, heavy, raw, and angry... yet oddly groovy and even melodic at times. Don't be fooled, though. Compel aren't trying to impress you with their music; they're just here to punch you in the fucking face. You can check them out on their bandcamp page, and buy the demo as a digital download. It's 3 bucks. It's worth it.

Also, could someone please hand me some disinfecting wipes. I seem to have some sort of sludgy ooze coming out of my speakers.

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Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. (The Capture) Hag
2. Let It Be The Devil
3. Giants (The Escape)

Duration : Approx. 40 minutes

Visit the Compel bandpage.

Reviewed on 2012-05-09 by Matt Zuchowski
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