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Halo Manash : Am Kha Astrie

The trunk arises from the roots: Halo Manash continues the path begun with 'Language of Red Goats' with a discontinuation.

'Am Kha Astrie' is the trunk: the second part of a tripartite series of albums where the roots ('Language of Red Goats') precedes it and the branches ('Taiwaskivi') follow. The name of the album consists of the Ancient Egyptian words 'am' ('devourer') and 'kha' ('spirit'/'spiritual ascension'), connected to the Latin word 'astrie' ('astral'). So, 'Am Kha Astrie' should mean something along the lines of 'devourer of astral spirits', but I am not certain what the reference is. Perhaps the answer lies in comparing this title to the idea of the album being the trunk of the metaphysical tree that is this tripartite series? If so, then the 'devouring' may be a symbol for the process where the soul transcends into the astral. Perhaps. Halo Manash are nothing if not occultly opaque, and I will not claim to have made more than a slightly educated guess. Even so, I take the title of track three to support my guess: 'The Treefaced trunk arises - A pillar through All worlds'.

The sound of the trunk is one I associate with nightmarish horrors. Inhuman howls, gongs resonating from the beyond, and tribal drums that frantically pierce the blackness. Unlike 'Language of Red Goats', this is an intense release which seems to want to drown you. If the music is any indication of the experience of ascension then that journey is one of mind-numbing dread, pausing only occasionally when the horrors draw into the fog, far enough to be beyond sight but not beyond hearing range; it is certain knowledge that they will return into sight at least once more before the journey ends.

As always, Halo Manash have made a release which is not for the weak of mind. This is dark Ambient/Industrial at its most unnerving.

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Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Spring Solar Semen
2. A Spiral Spine ever-emanating
3. The Treefaced trunk arises - A pillar through All worlds
4. In the deepest womb of MAA, the Sky shrouded is born
5. At Ashen shrines of the Seventh Sign antlers ascend
6. All herald its Shape and Shadow
7. The dream that it dreams - Awakened

Duration : Approx. 55 minutes

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Reviewed on 2012-08-04 by Arnstein H. Pettersen
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