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Halo Manash : Taiwaskivi

Truly disturbing visual and auditory rituals by the shamen who call themselves Halo Manash.

This DVD + CD is the final part of the utterly disturbing tripartite series which Halo Manash released during the last two years. (The other two parts are 'Language of Red Goats' and 'Taiwaskivi' The CD contains a kind of ritualistic dark Ambient which clearly ascends beyond humanity, by which I mean that it is truly inhuman. Chimes, drums, and moaning horns are all which can be heard, usually distorted into entirely different musical entities.

The DVD contains a music video - I really hesitate to use that word - which bleakly shows the rituals that take part in the ascension. Each of these are performed without explanation or any concession to the viewer's understanding. As such it is merciless on the viewer, leaving them helplessly watching the occult play out in front of their eyes. Here surreality bathes in reality as recognizable gestures with unrecognizable purposes draw on that which modern minds cannot accept and even the ancient minds feared: the unknowns of a natural world that dwarfs us into submission and awe. This is without doubt the singlemost disturbing and fear-inducing movie I've ever seen.

The name 'Taiwaskivi' seems to be a combination of the Japanese word 'taiwa', which means something like interaction or conversation, and the Latvian word 'skivi', which means plate. In other words, if I'm right, then 'taiwaskivi' means 'disk of conversation/interaction'. I'm not completely sure how to interpret the meaning of this, but I think it may have something to do with the symbolism of the rituals. As 'Language of Red Goats' was the roots, and 'Am Kha Astrie' was the trunk, so 'Taiwaskivi' is the branches which reach towards the sun, Sol. They are the connection between the sky deity and the ground, between the ascended and earth. I believe it is this interaction which is the taiwa, the connection point where beings of mortality converse with entities of the overworld.

I know I've focused on the DVD more than on the music, but the aura of the music so closely follows the visual images that I consider the description of one of them to be a fitting description of the other. Some might disagree with my choice since only half of the 1000 copies have the DVD. I, however, consider the video to be such an important part of the experience that I urge anyone who cannot get hold of a copy that contains the DVD to also buy the DVD compilation called 'Back to human nature!' since the movie was also re-released thereon. Those who have never heard Halo Manash yet have a taste for truly dark music should, in my opinion, start with this album as I find it to be their best album to date.

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Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
Disk 2 - CD:
1. Crossing over - Wings rise radiant
2. Burial - Self-flesh given as an offering to All
3. Summoning - Towards cardinal points, into all worlds
4. Revealing - The celestial crown reflecting rays of Sol and Shade
5. Renunciation - A jewel bowl for the final feast
6. Conjunction - A vessel springing with nectar from the skybound source
7. Consummation - Bathed in Sacred Fire

Duration : Approx. 105 minutes

Visit the Halo Manash bandpage.

Reviewed on 2012-08-04 by Arnstein H. Pettersen
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