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Placid Art : Rainbow Destruction Process

Placid Art's debut bears the expected "Slavic" touch. Far more, they succeded in putting their own mark on a dormant Gothic Doom scene.

There must be something about eastern countries' culture, something about the soul that inspires bands from over there to play a kind of music dripping with melancholy. This is especially true when it comes to Doom Metal, as the vast majority of bands coming from the "Slavic" zone of Europa tend to dismiss the 'classic' formula as established by Black Sabbath and embrace the more extreme, yet sorrowful, style first pioneered by the Peaceville Three. Placid Art hails from Montenegro, and follows that road closely, but using a less-trodden side-path: the path of Black/Doom, the Dolorian vein. And to breathe some fresh air into a style that has been plundered in all possible ways, over and over, they don't hesitate to add some well thought-out Dark Ambient and Neo-classical parts.

In fact, the first track 'The Beginning Of The End' caught me a bit by surprise, as it's a pure dark Neo-classical piece in the vein of Elend, or old Dead Can Dance. This feeling is reinforced by the fact that the two-piece band doesn't use a keyboard to play these parts, but real classicisme instruments, instead. The vocals of Sonja Milicevic are surprising: more reminiscent of Dark Sanctuary than Theatre Of Tragedy. However, the band is firmly rooted in Metal ground, as the following track 'In Silence...Of The Dark Dawn' clearly shows us: kind of old Gothic Black Metal style (there's hints of bands like Avrigus and Angizia in some parts), mixed with Doom Metal. Here, Nikola Radovic delivers some fine raspy vocals, and the dual vocals revitalize the old 'Beauty and the Beast' gimmick in an interesting way. The tempo goes from a slow- to mid-pace, making the album a bit borderline when it comes to whether you'll think it's Doom or not. I do, myself, consider it belongs to the genre although I miss some heaviness in the guitars department - but don't expect plain Doom/Death as announced, it's clearly the buzzing sound of a freezing Black Metal forest that is conveyed here.

The production is quite good, and every instrument is cleverly mixed: you can hear everything. Which brings me to the main flaw: the drum machine, you clearly hear it alright! I don't know if it was intentional in the first place, but I've never heard a drum machine sounding so much like a drum machine since the Sisters Of Mercy came on with Doctor Avalanche. Still, while a bit too synthetic for my taste, it does a good job in bringing some extra coldness to Placid Art's music.

I've been quite pleased to discover this 'Rainbow Destruction Process': it manages to bring back a sound that I thought lost in the late 90's when bands like The Sins Of Thy Beloved or Myriads split up - and to modernize it as well, by enhancing its Doom aura. It'll be interesting to see how Placid Art are going to evolve, for they have done something unexpected here: put their own mark on a dormant Gothic Doom scene. Any fan of Atmospheric/Gothic Doom, or old-school Gothic Metal enthusiasts, should make 'Rainbow Destruction Process' a top-priority on their wishlist.

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Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. The Beginning Of The Final Chapter
2. In Silence...Of The Dark Dawn
3. Psycho Path
4. Rainbow Destruction Process
5. Placid Art
6. On The Other Side
7. Wrath Of The Sun
8. Salvation Is Thy Choice
9. The Ninth Circle

Duration : Approx. 52 minutes

Visit the Placid Art bandpage.

Reviewed on 2013-01-05 by Laurent Lignon
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