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Tiresia Raptus : Tiresia Raptus

You can feel that Tiresia Raptus are Italian: they might not be strongly influenced by Death SS, but you can hear a similar taste for horrific moods...

Tiresia Raptus are newcomers in the Italian underground scene. This first album of theirs was released in 2011 through Bloodrock Records, and the band's line-up features many Doomraiser and Blackland members. If you have been following recent events on the Italian Doom scene, this information could be enough to give you a clue of how this album actually sounds: you'd think of an old-school Doom Rock band, with many progressive and psychedelic leanings, and perhaps a weird and occult atmosphere. And that's more or less what the album is all about.

It would be hard to say whether Tiresia Raptus is a Doom Metal band or not. If they are, they clearly do not sound like your modern British Traditional Doom band: do not expect an Italian Serpent Venom, but rather a strange mix between various gloomy genres. First of all, this album features seven members - such a vast line-up is not common in classic old-school bands of the kind - and as a result, you have plenty of instruments which are usually only used as arrangements. For example, you'll hear a lot of keyboards, but also lots of effects and weird sounds coming out of blue out of the blue of the sea, as a matter of fact, like in the opening track 'Whales'. The guitars are not always distorted: on the contrary, they often sound clear with a lot of reverberation and delay, increasing the psychedelic side of the songs. And let's not forget both the hypnotic percussion and the female singer, featured in a few songs, that add a kind of oriental atmosphere which will for sure give more scope to your trip to another dimension.

The album as a whole sounds very consistent; however, each song is truly different from one another and each time displays a specific aspect of the band. While some songs are lighter and leave you daydreaming and peaceful, some others sound creepier - like on 'Dal Limbo', which kicks in with a eerie keyboard line, opening for a heavy distorted bass that makes you feel as if you're visiting an haunted house while high on acid. On 'Guardiano Della Soglia', they also make an almost synthetic use of the drums, reminiscent of Black Hole's second album, in which the band put its Doom sound a bit aside to dwell more on the Gothic aspects of its songs. Even when Tiresia Raptus start sounding less esoteric, they still end up being weird. For example, 'Raptus' starts on a very Pentagram-esque riff - indeed, it's so close to the riffing of the legendary band that it almost sounds like a rip-off! but nevertheless, a few seconds later when other instruments come and enrich the composition, it ends up as completely unexpected and unique songwriting, making the song far from being any kind of rip-off of any possible band. It's just a Tiresia Raptus' number!

You can definitely feel that these guys are Italian: they might not be strongly influenced by Death SS, but you can hear a similar attraction for the horrific moods and perhaps for 'the occult' which gives them this dark feeling so typical of many bands from this country. To keep it short, if you're fond of the Italian Doom scene, this is clearly an album which is worth a try. However, if you're still unfamiliar with this school and these guys, you'd better get Doomraiser's Mountains Of Madness for a more classical drunken Doom album, or Blackland's Extreme Heavy Psych if you're longing for another psychedelic album to trip on: they might be easier to get into.

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Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Whales
2. Memorie Del Sottosuolo
3. Dal Limbo
4. Viracocha
5. Raptus
6. Guardiano Della Soglia
7. Jesod

Duration : Approx. 31 minutes

Visit the Tiresia Raptus bandpage.

Reviewed on 2013-02-16 by Ruben Munoz -- Bertrand
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