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Le Mur : In Tenebris

German Le Mur are imitating Hawkwind with an injection of Doom.

Jesus and Lemmy have a lot in common. Facial hair. Crosses. Numberless throngs attempting to emulate them. I could go on. But there’s one thing people don’t think about a lot. Both of them did something before the thing that made them famous: Jesus had carpentry, and Lemmy had Hawkwind.

If they lived in the first century, Le Mur (note by the admin: Le mur means the wall) might be trying to imitate Jesus’ particular woodworking style. And everyone would be wondering why they cared so much about the lesser of his accomplishments. Living today, they’re imitating Hawkwind instead, with an injection of doom. And I’m sure there are those who wonder why.

The sound is old-school, as if performed and recorded with vintage equipment, and it’s produced with a light touch (if at all). Even the vocals have an old-school quality. The record opens with organ, cymbals, and indistinct vocals, setting the stage. The follow-up, “Cage,” would likely be the best introduction for doom fans due to the catchy, mellow, and heavy riff. The album closer isn’t too bad either. The real highlight of the album, however, is the title track. There’s this fantastic thing they do with a driving bassline and an incredibly memorable guitar trick, some very cool solos (including one where guitar imitates saxophone), and a dreamy section punctuated with stabs of distorted guitar.

But with Le Mur, like Hawkwind, you have to take the good with the what-the-fuck. “One Way Ticket to Space” and “die Nacht der Lemuren (Tail 3)” are a combined 17 minutes of dull ambiance, dull folk melody, and assorted other useless parts, plus saxophone. I know this is all part of building an atmosphere, and if Lemmy’s stories are any indication, are best experienced under the influence of LSD. But I don’t get it.

If you skip those two “songs,” 'In Tenebris' is a great album. Both old school and experimental, it captures the magic that bands like Hawkwind were known for. Every now and then, I’m in exactly the right mood for that. But usually, I’d rather hear someone imitate Motörhead.

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Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. O.m.e.n. - the Beginning
2. cage
3. [untitled]
4. One Way Ticket to Space
5. die Nacht der Lemuren (Tail 3)
6. In Tenebris
7. O.m.e.n. - Riddles in the Dark

Duration : Approx. 48 minutes

Visit the Le Mur bandpage.

Reviewed on 2013-03-01 by Kelly Hoffart
NULLL Records
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