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Who Dies In Siberian Slush follow up the reworking of their debut with another essential, and essentially Russian, full-length album.
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Formed in 2006 by Dario Beretta (Drakkar) and Emanuele Rastelli (Crown Of Autumn), the band was originally an Epic metal project. In 2009, after R...
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Asofy : ebYm

Asofy is a one man project by a guy from Milan, Italy, who calls himself Tryfar. The nickname has a Norse sound to it, but this would hardly be the first time that an Italian has used a Norwegian name. This CD has been released twice thus far; the first time in 2001 and the second time in 2004. Both times the release was made by the label Trazeroeuno (who have strangely enough labeled the band under sludge/doom).

The musical style of Asofy is mainly an experimental form of melodic doom/black. Usually, the music is dripping with melancholy, but the tormented, wailing vocals and occasional extreme outbursts of fast drumming also give it a rather tormented sound. This combination gives the music a highly emotional aura of everything from anxiety, depression and desperation. It's actually so emotional that it might be hard for some listeners to swallow.

Although I find many bands which have clear similarities to Asofy, I can't really say that this CD sounds like any of them. Perhaps Bethlehem and Winterkou would be the bands who lie the closest. Other bands which come to mind as I listen to this are Katatonia, Dolorian, Ulver and Tristitia. But still, as said, it's a very original work. I guess this is mostly due to the experimental nature of the music.

As far as I know the only place to actually get hold of this CD is from the artist himself. It only costs 5€ for this very professional CD, so you get a lot for your money. When I say professional, I mean in particular that the sound quality is quite high. It is sometimes masked by the noisy guitars, but it's meant to be that way. Other than that, I would recommend this for those who enjoy the aforementioned bands. At least I know that in my collection, this will have a place amongst the classics.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. in Solitude
2. ilL
3. redSide
4. il Marcio
5. sideS (blonde)
6. enoRmi
7. d.O.m.

Duration : Approx. 44 minutes

Visit the Asofy bandpage.

Reviewed on 09-02-2006 by Arnstein Petersen
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