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Sigmun : Cerebro

This four song EP by Sigmun has all of the hallmarks of the perfect musical accompaniment to anyone’s recreational drug use…

Seldom do I feel such acute separation anxiety from a new musical acquisition as I do for this release, particularly when it’s an EP from some obscure Stoner jam band in South East Asia. I don’t know that Sigmun would be overjoyed or displeased with being lumped into any particular category, but I will say that this four song EP has all of the hallmarks of the perfect musical accompaniment to anyone’s recreational drug use…

This Indonesian band’s bio says that they were influenced by the likes of Black Sabbath and Led Zeppellin… Duh! I found it humorously redundant that they listed that, since really every single Doom band (in any of its splintered styles) is obviously a direct descendant of one these two, whether they be conscious of it or not.

Call this Freud blues rock! At least, that’s how Sigmun has touted their sound since they were called LOUD. Taking their new name from the father of modern psychoanalysis, one could get a sense of how this moniker would be suitably descriptive from the sound of their heady EP 'Cerebor'. The record’s title (which means ‘Brain’ in Spanish) is as effective at encapsulating its content, describing the very cerebral proceedings that take place on this great effort. The first two cuts on the EP tilt towards a sludgy drone not unlike Earth. In seeming defiance of genre norms, however, Sigmun keeps the track length just under five and a half minutes, disabling the possibility of listener boredom, an often off-putting characteristic of bands of this ilk. The next two tracks are nothing but serene stoniness, even bearing some of the spacy traits that Pink Floyd made their ace in the hole, the guitarists licks and full, sugary tone would not indicate otherwise. The vocals have a drifting, galactic effect to them that adds to the floaty feel of these tracks, particularly groovy during the spoken word intro to “Ring of Saturn”.

I sat back smoking bails of grass to this record and just let it loop over and over and found that each time around was even more enjoyable than the previous, ultimately leaving me wanting more. For Sigmun, that means mission accomplished on this release. I look forward to amassing their recorded output as well as hopefully seeing them come to the states for a little tour, where they can enjoy slightly less draconian drug laws than that of their native soil.

Note by the admin: Sigmun's 4-track EP can be legally downloaded HERE.

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Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Cerebro
2. The Long Haul
3. Ring of Saturn
4. Atom Heart Father

Duration : Approx. 21 minutes

Visit the Sigmun bandpage.

Reviewed on 2013-08-23 by Frank Lopez
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