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B.S.T. : Die Illusion

B.S.T. have managed to display a fine mix of Post-Metal, Traditional Doom and a tiny bit of Sludge.

When reviewing an album, it's not unusual to get confronted with something laughable and yet wonderful: what I'd call the cliché; stereotypes that conjure up vivid images of what you think is related to a culture, or a people. What's the point in this review? Well, we have a German band singing in their native tongue, with each song dealing with such topics as lies, night, hope and so on...Obviously, I was expecting nothing but your average romantic Gothic Doom with the usual Goethe and Hoffmann references. Trapped by the cliché. And as with every good cliché, what you imagine is what you don't get.

So, B.S.T. stands for Blut, Schweiß, Tränen, which is the german for Blood, Sweat, Tears. Of course, they are unrelated to the 70's american Jazz-Rock band - and not just because they're hailing from Hamburg. In fact, the only common point would lie in the fact that both bands aren't afraid of experimenting, so to speak. For B.S.T. play a very uncommon type of Doom Metal, that is both firmly rooted in the old ways and still willing to showcase more up-to-date influences. Take for example 'Die Moral' : here's a song with some fine riffage that wouldn't be out of place on either a Neurosis or a Revelation album (yes, you've read that correctly). Yet the vocals bring some welcomed harshness to the sound, the whole being as slow and pounding as Saint-Vitus in their glory days.

Sometimes, the wall of guitars flirt with Post-Doom territories, reminding us that B.S.T. are as German as their fellow countrymen Omega Massif or Kodiak - yet B.S.T. has something that makes them better, to me, than the aforementioned bands: they know how to write songs that stay focused. And they're quite good at that, as the excellent dirge 'Die Lüge' proves: starting slowly and with a dark melody that immediately gets stuck in your head, the song evolves until a strong crescendo crushes your brain and any hope left in you. The vocals, which I personally like a lot - for the welcome variation they offer against the classic traditional Doom singing - are guaranteed not to be to the liking of everyone. But anyone with a taste for bands like Cult Of Luna should be hooked by Heiko Wenck's husky voice. In some of the darker parts, he even manages to remind me of Ludovic Loez, singer of the legendary french Avant-Garde Metal band S.U.P.: he displays the same kind of vocals coming from deep within, expressing feelings of dread and despair through a clever mix of harsh and clean singing.

With their first album, B.S.T. have managed to display a fine mix of Post-Metal, Traditional Doom and a tiny bit of Sludge. What's more interesting is that they've done it with their own personality, and thus have released one of the most interesting first albums of 2013. Newcomers who are worthy of your support; keep your eyes wide open for their future releases.

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Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Die Illusion
2. Die Moral
3. Die Lüge
4. Die Bilder
5. Die Nacht
6. Die Hoffnung

Duration : Approx. 47 minutes

Visit the B.S.T. bandpage.

Reviewed on 2013-08-25 by Laurent Lignon
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