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Beelzefuzz : Beelzefuzz

Exuberant and exhilarating, Beelzefuzz' debut full-length is a journey of exploration full of surprises.

Exuberant and exhilarating, with a rich vein of fun running through the hard rock, this self-titled debut full-length by a young band from Maryland, United States, is a journey of exploration full of surprises. Its eight action-packed songs conjure both light and dark, and although there’s lots of “dude” in the vibe, there is also a solid foundation of “doom” (more so than, say, Witchcraft).

Beelzefuzz – who have been creating a stir in the States for a couple of years - rarely get complicated, or perhaps it’s just that they just make it all seem effortless. The band’s strikingly modern take on psychedelic 70s rock and traditional doom metal is never less than fascinating. One moment it sounds like Helloween playing The Dead Weather, and then come the traces of Deep Purple, Muse, Black Mountain, Pentagram… In truth, Beelzefuzz sound, and feel, unlike anybody else, and that is a very rare trait indeed.

From the hurtling attack of catchy opener Reborn to the majestic simplicity of Lonely Creatures or the swirling beauty of Hypnotize, every song has its own personality - this is an album that keeps you guessing. Each track is a showcase for the band’s expressive and mature songwriting skills, but perhaps what sets them apart from the crowd is the pure quality of Dana Ortt’s soaring, soulful voice. Ortt has a huge presence and range at the microphone and whether in the midst of a slow and mournful passage or a more dynamic section, his fluttering melodies bring a grin unbidden to the listener’s face.

Still, there’s a massive, confused-looking elephant in the room: the band’s name. To some, this will represent their light-hearted and youthful outlook, to others it just sounds dumb. What is certain is that the name is a little misleading, suggestive of dark, occultish dabblings or smoke-wreathed stoner high-jinx, neither of which being particularly dominant in this recording. Sure, there is plenty of fuzz, especially in the bass, but this band is more about progressivity and imagination, and perhaps its name should better represent those values. It’s all too late now of course, so we’ll just have to accept the moniker they chose. A small price to pay, because the extraordinary music they create demands that Beelzefuzz be taken seriously.

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Reviewer's rating: 9/10


Tracklist :
1. Reborn
2. Lotus Jam
3. All The Feeling Returns
4. Sirens Song
5. Hypnotize
6. Lonely Creatures
7. Lunar Blanco
8. Light That Blinds

Duration : Approx 37 minutes

Visit the Beelzefuzz bandpage.

Reviewed on 2013-09-07 by Steve Bidmead
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