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Very laid-back stoner doom with heavy Pentagram-like riffage. Sometimes a bit too bouncy to be considered real doom. Fans of Abdullah and Black...
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Servants of the Mist : Suicide Sex Pact (EP)

Servants of the Mist deliver some perverse, weird and disturbing Sludge Doom.

These Floridian misfits specialise in the more ugly and wretched kind of funereal Sludge Doom, which they deliver in their own special style: perverse, weird and disturbing. The riffs and the drumming are, of course, heavy and pummelling, but in a lurching, slightly off-kilter sort of way. Vocals are an assortment of distorted shrieks both shrill and guttural, along with some miserable sounding clean vocals and creepy sound samples. Thematically, the band deals with self-loathing, morbid sadomasochism, and otherwise twisted sexuality. It all contributes a nasty brew which, whilst not being something I find all that appealing, at least has a potent flavour of its own.

In particular the guitar solos, of which surprisingly there are several, are what stand out for me. They are disturbingly nonchalant and bluesy, only hinting at the kind of plaintive wail you would expect from this depressing genre of music; indeed, they sound awkward and forced... almost as if played at gun-point. By the same token, not the best solos in the world, but in the context they are highly effective and well executed, adding to the pervading sinister mood. And, best of all, they help to keep things interesting. The Servants manage to convey the required level of crushing hopelessness without lapsing into the monotony characteristic of lazier Sludge Doom. This to my mind is an adequate raison d'être for the band; and even if I have not sunk low enough into the pits of my own depravity to actually “enjoy” ’Suicide Sex Pact’, I can quite honestly recommend it to those who have.

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Reviewer's rating: 7/10


Tracklist :
1. Absence
2. Suicide Sex Pact
3. Behind the Curtain

Duration : Approx 30 minutes

Visit the Servants of the Mist bandpage.

Reviewed on 2014-01-27 by John King-Salter
Rotten Copper
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