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Fleshpress : Tearing Skyholes

Fleshpress is an experienced band and thereís an artistic element in everything itís doing; this new album is one more proof of that.

Fleshpress is a highly intriguing Sludge-Doom Metal band from Finland, having Mikko from Clandestine Blaze (and numerous other projects) in the line-up. Iíve heard quite a few Sludge releases this year and all of them are pretty much crushing and slow, but this one is more of the atmospheric kind.

The opening song doesnít reveal too much as it sets the wheel slowly into motion, onward to oblivion. It shows that you donít know anything yet: the album, interestingly, reveals its various facets one by one, sometimes rushing into them while you are left bewildered. Thereís Doom and thereís dissonance, thereís heaviness and thereís weirdness Ė despite its gut-churning riffing, Ehnahre from the US comes to mind - but, like I said, Fleshpress is atmospheric.

Halfway into the album it just takes on a different level: thereís floating Ė the music gives you a high. Itís on autopilot mode, and you know youíre in safe hands. There are albums peddling Sludge and Doom, but this level of transcendence is seldom achieved. Thereís Blut aus Nord influences, and it all segues into a whole. There are hardly any disparate elements and thatís the beauty of it: it takes everything, distils and absorbs its essence, then presents the music in its own, clear and seamless interpretation.

Itís atmospheric in the sense that itís not inaccessible Ė thereís a sheen of smoothness over everything thatís compounded in the name of extreme music. Itís brilliant, one of the most outstanding albums in this style, and anything thatís quirky immediately gets my thumbs-up these days, especially when containing such beauty and coherence, not to mention understated elegance and class.

Fleshpress is an experienced band and thereís an artistic element in everything itís doing. Thatís the mark of a great band: regardless of the criticism or scope of it, itís doing its own thing in its own way. ĎTearing Skyholesí is easily one of the highlights of this year Ė thereís conventional Doom, and thereís this.

Reviewer's rating: 9/10


Tracklist :
1. Washer
2. Silmien Rei'ittšmš Taivas
3. Coming of Gaze
4. Floating Paranoia
5. Tearing Skyholes
6. Golden Owl
7. Each Eye Holes the Sky

Duration : Approx. 49 minutes

Visit the Fleshpress bandpage.

Reviewed on 2014-02-17 by Kunal Choksi
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