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Däng : The Darkest Realm

Däng's debut is right up the alley of fans of Clash Of the Titans, or similar tales of lore...

I don’t know that I detected any of the earmarks of a Doom Metal band as I listened to this record. For the most part, it would suffice to call Däng a semi-traditional Heavy Metal band… enough said. However, based on the quality of this record, there is no need to split hairs; just sit back and enjoy as this American band takes you away into mythological realms with this note-worthy concept record.

This album is right up the alley of fans of Clash Of the Titans, or similar tales of lore. Each of the seven songs in this record tells a different tale from Greek mythology set over the backdrop of some way cranking tunes. Tartarus, according to Plato is the dungeon of torment where souls were judged after death and where punishment was carried out for wickedness, not unlike the Christian concept of hell. The seven tracks on this record each tell of this nether realm’s most famous inmates, condemned to suffer some ironic eternal punishment there. The frequently macabre themes of Greek mythology seem to go perfectly with the motifs often associated with Metal and would seem the obvious subject matter around which to write a record. Luckily for Däng, they’ve seemingly beat their musical colleagues to the punch.

The lyrical direction of the album is the big draw here clearly, but the musicianship on display is nothing to be ignored. Däng crank out optimal heaviness with a richly saturated guitar tone, so if you’re expecting fuzzy warm tone here, that’s not what you’re going to get. Their sound is really rich, and with that being said kudos are in order to the soundman who was tweaking the knobs on this recording because clearly he gets it in terms of Däng’s sound. If this record had been produced to sound more rustic, it just would not have highlighted their crunch-tone adequately.

The heaviness of this band is ever present yet well-balanced, never once throwing the total product of the music off kilter. There’s some really nice soloing going on here and some of the licks that bookend the riffs are bluesy and well incorporated. Even some of the clean parts are really enthralling, such as in “Titans”, in which the guitar lulls you to serenity before breaking into an up-tempo section to bring the track to a close.

A very loose point of reference with which to compare this band seems to be Saint Vitus based on general consensus. I’m not going to say that I totally thumb my nose at that comparison, because I can see where and how the similarities arise, but this band is definitely worth checking out on the weight of their own merits. I would be enthusiastic to check out what future releases will bring! A formidable debut on this band’s part!!!

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Reviewer's rating: 6/10


Tracklist :
1. Sisyphus 2. Salmoneus
3. Titans
4. Ixion
5. Danaides
6. Tityos
7. Tantalus

Duration : Approx 51 minutes

Visit the Däng bandpage.

Reviewed on 2014-02-22 by Frank Lopez
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