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Thirty minutes of tradition-honoring, 90s-spirited, hot weather rock and roll are on tap on 's debut.

From that near-infinite wellspring of quality Metal, Finland, comes a trio of well-humored Doom rockers calling themselves (say it out loud). They have here a three-song EP that lands well in line with that classic, ’Master of Reality’, and its 90s Desert-Rock grandchildren Kyuss, but with the misery factor turned up a notch. Indeed, if I didn’t know they were from Finland, my first guess would have been Arizona, USA (or possibly England).

This self-titled EP exemplifies the advantage of being a power trio, namely that the music is punchy and tight but always able to breathe, each instrument making itself clear without overcrowding the sonic picture. Guitarist Big Dog and bassist Deaf Hank make good on ample opportunity to stretch out on their respective instruments through the ups and downs of the ten-minute ‘The Await’ and the thirteen-minute ‘Everblast’ with help from an array of fuzz, wah, and flange. The plodding-but-not-stagnant guitar/bass unison passages bring to mind a less overwhelming Electric Wizard, as do the lighter passages. Drums, with a nice crack from the snare, are content in a framework-supporting role without clamoring for attention. It’s only the vocals that I have any trouble with: the mid-pitch yell lacks power and seems aimless in contrast to the tightness of the music. The overall musical picture is weakened, though not severely.

This is a good listen at loud volume, both to maximize powerful peaks, and the enticing quiet, reflective breathers (see especially ‘Everblast’). It’s really not the most intense or heaviest stuff, managing to give off a relaxed and unhurried vibe throughout, which may be the heart of its likability. Here and there, I flashed back to early Mastodon, without that band’s sense of frantic scrambling. Ultimately, gets fair mileage out of essentially a one-track idea through dynamics rather than lateral style hopping. Thirty minutes of tradition-honoring, 90s-spirited, hot weather rock and roll are on tap here, so grab your sunglasses, your bong, and enjoy.

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Reviewer's rating: 6/10


Tracklist :
1. G.O.D.
2. The Await
3. Everblast

Duration : Approx. 30 minutes

Visit the bandpage.

Reviewed on 2014-03-01 by Mark Rzeszutek
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