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Bosque : Nowhere

Inhuman and emotionless, Bosque's Doom sounds like the void that is left from the destruction.

Bosque is a mysterious band from Portugal that is known by few in the underground Funeral Doom scene. They have been on split releases with the likes of Senthil, Lotus Circle, and Lord of the Abyss; each of these bands performing in an extreme and droned-out style similar to Bosque. Their first full-length album, Passage, received both high praise and harsh critique by reviewers, due to its love-it-or-hate-it nature. Well, 'Nowhere' is more or less a continuation of 'Passage', stripping the music down even more and pushing it into more minimalist depths.

The music of Bosque is focused on fuzzy Drone and Ambient textures, making little use of drums or vocals. The guitar tone is light, airy, and buzzing. The reverb is high and strong; each strum of the guitar stretched out and sustained. Gentle chanted vocals drift in and out throughout the album, mostly remaining in the background with the drum patterns. The rhythm section seems to be programmed, with patterns so basic and minimal that they are practically non-existent. Combined with the screeching guitar tone, there is an odd mechanical coldness that accentuates the nihilistic and vacant concepts of the album.

While 'Passage' was haunting and utterly depressive, 'Nowhere' is the void that is left from the destruction. Itís very inhuman and emotionless, and while that could be a downside for most bands, it seems to work for Bosque. Rather than attempting to sound grandiose, their approach is to be hypnotic, and at times, even calming. Only at one point in the album, around the middle of third track íMetamorphosisí, does the music lose its stagnancy. Deep growls are introduced into the mix, as a more aggressive riff disturbs the light nature of the album. Aside from this portion, each song flows more like an Ambient track than that of Funeral Doom.

Itís difficult to describe this album in a way that isnít objective, because itís going to evoke severely different opinions in the Metal community. Some will find that Bosque is a breath of fresh air to the Extreme Doom field, while many are sure to find this overly-repetitive and directionless drivel. Personally, I enjoy this album. There is very little going on and practically nothing that will surprise the listener, but I find the strange and ethereal atmosphere makes for an entrancing (perhaps even relaxing!) listen. To throw in a couple of names, I would say this album blurs the lines between Earthís earliest works, and the atmospheric funeral tunes of the long forgotten Ras Algethi. The way I see it, this will appeal more to those for a taste of Dark Ambient or Drone than those who are looking for a Metal album.

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Reviewer's rating: 7.5/10


Tracklist :
1. Lethargy
2. Crawling
3. Metamorphosis
4. Nothing

Duration : Approx. 42 minutes

Visit the Bosque bandpage.

Reviewed on 2014-03-17 by Dante DuVall
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