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Dysphorian Breed : The Longing for the Tides of Metamorphosis

Dysphorian Breedís debut has a compositional thoughtfulness, atmosphere and very intense vocals.

Stand on a fog-laden shoreline and watch an enormous, black-hulled ghost ship loom out of the mist, blotting out the moonlight. That ship is Dysphorian Breedís debut mini-album, 'The Longing for the Tides of Metamorphosis'. This Swedish one-man band offers up half an hour of introspective Doom/Death with atmosphere and very intense vocals. Imagine turn-of-the-century My Dying Bride with the vocals of Hooded Menace, and youíve got something akin to Dysphorian Breed. Mainman David Fredriksson has hit the ground running (so to speak), and his tight throat growling-of-the-hounds vocals evoke quite a sense of dysphoria, while the music sometimes shows a black-metal inspired melodic romanticism and other times descends to linear, bottom-string sludge guitar riffs.

This release is more of a musical solvent than a solution. Each instrument occupies its own distinct place separate from the others. While Fredrikssonís vocals get downright brutal, the musicís impactfulness is much tempered by the constant presence of keyboard pads, which provide a unifying element across the total musical scenery. Thereís a compositional thoughtfulness to appreciate as well: early on, harmonic and melodic guitar playing predominates, then things evolve, with the third and last song focusing much more on ruthless, stomping rhythmic punctuation (including sharp synth exclamation points). I get a sense of oneís environment organically responding to personal anger, like standing in a room as the light gradually fades out and colored walls are rapidly overgrown by dead vines.

Personally, I gravitate to the first song 'The Tides', mainly due to its sophisticated guitar playing, which puts me in mind of a doom take on melodic black metal such as Sacramentum. But really, there is nothing to complain about anywhere on 'The Longing for the Tides of Metamorphosis'. Sharply produced, I can imagine it would sound even better with live drums, were that a practical possibility. Frederiksson is definitely on to something, and with a new album on the way for fall 2014, thereís plenty of dysphoria to look forward to.

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Reviewer's rating: 7/10


Tracklist :
1. The Tides
2. The Longing
3. The Metamorphosis

Duration : Approx. 33 minutes

Visit the Dysphorian Breed bandpage.

Reviewed on 2014-09-27 by Mark Rzeszutek
Aesthetic Death
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