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Saints Of Pain : 1995 (Demo)

Saints of Pain was a sideproject by two members from Sloth. Just a couple of demo tapes were released under that moniker.

Saints of Pain is a project by Dom Kaveliski and Crage Rowe, both of Sloth fame. It seems to me that the purpose of this sideproject is to play a more Hardcore-oriented music than they did with Sloth. At that time (back in 1995 - surprise, surprise) Sloth was still only a few years old and was then far more focused towards Doom/Sludge than they are now. When Sloth broadened its perspective it also came to include the very sound which is found on this tape. In fact, in 1996 Sloth had already begun releasing music which sounded just like it (e.g. 'E. Pluribus Interuptus', and 'Obliterations of Good Taste and Common Sense'). Hence, if I am indeed correct about the purpose of this project, then Saints of Pain was rendered superflous in just one year. All that is left is this, the project's thirteen minutes of (quite underground) fame.

The music contains only four elements: A bass, percussion, vocals (mostly vokills but some clean vocals too), and some clips from a documentary called Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer'. What this sounds like is basically a very Hardcore-influenced Doom/Sludge in the vein of Crowbar, and though '1995' sounds very much like the typical '96-'99 stuff by Sloth, it is still different in the sense that it holds an anger that is more akin to the Hardcore scene rather than the 'sillycore' that Sloth is known for. Having said this, I would like to point out that the doominess of this cassette seems to be debatable according to some. I would simply claim that this is as doomy as Crowbar was and leave people to decide if that is Doom enough, I at least claim that it is.

This tape is by no means common, but I have seen it on eBay a couple of times every year. Thus it should be obtainable if one puts the heart into it. Yet, it is short and often quite expensive. One would really want to own this to go through that trouble and cost for this little. Yet, fans of the old Sloth would likely want to get hold of this. After all, it holds the same quality as most of the early Sloth catalog.

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Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Slipping
2. Empty
3. Blessed
4. Everyone Is My Enemy
5. The Immatation of Flatery

Duration : Approx. 13 minutes

Visit the Saints Of Pain bandpage.

Reviewed on 2015-05-03 by Arnstein H. Pettersen
Aesthetic Death
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