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Mist : Inan' (EP)

Mist show some serious Trad promise with this EP follow-up to their 2013 demo.

Sometimes, within the Traditional Doom sphere, even when a band wears their musical influences so blatantly on their sleeve you can overlook it. Because they've got something. Case in point would be the recent digital release by New Zealand band Lord of Solitude. It's not that they're bringing anything particularly new to the table, its purely that they've just got something. Be it an honesty, a vibe, or whatever. Perhaps they're simply good at what they do. Maybe you just like the songs. Other times you wanna go and put the originals on and be done with it. Slovenian Tradsters Mist, for my money, fall somewhere in between. Opinion too, will be divided. I can imagine some defending them to the death as a truly awesome Sabbath/Coven hybrid, whilst others will deride them for the very same reasons. Pay your money, and make your choice.

Mist are pretty good at what they do. The singer, the band's leading light by a country mile, can sing. Properly. Songs flow perfectly, chaneling the spirits of occult rock from days of yore, and nothing is out of place. Opening the proceedings with the title track, heads will begin a nodding while a riff as familiar to Sabbath as it is to Reverend Bizarre kicks things off in fine fashion. (Personally, I couldn't get 'Drink till I Die' by Bad News out of my head as it played but there we are). Second track 'Frozen Velvet' ups the game a bit, oscillating as it does from a smooth acoustic intro into heavier territory and back again, but not before a decent guitar solo has been unleashed. 'Under the Night Sky' is to all intents and purposes a Candlemass song wearing a small disguise, as is the last song, which is an updated version of something from their '2013 Demo'. Another healthy solo in the middle. A touch of wah, and nice smooth legato stylings.

Plenty of people are picking out the fact that Mist are an all female combo, so I feel somewhat obliged to do the same, although in my book a band is a band regardless of gender. If they had a leopard on drums, for example, that might warrant a special mention. However, as spoken of earlier, Nina Spruk's vocals are particularly good. Strong, confident and yet laced with a softer, patchouli-infused ethereal quality at the same time. If and when they get round to a full length I'd personally like to hear them throw in some folky weirdness. Or perhaps something with a more tribal, ritualistic quality to it. You get the vaguest hints of it even on here.

Mist can be proud of this. 'Inan'' is well produced, competently performed and they can definitely write SONGS. If anything it hints at a band with serious prospects. But for now if you like a bit of Traditional Doom with a folky seam running through it and perhaps haven't heard much for a while, or just fancy listening to a really good singer for once, then this would not be a bad choice. There's every chance it will make a lasting impression.

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Reviewer's rating: 7.5/10


Tracklist :
1. Inan'
2. Frozen Velvet
3. Under The Night Sky
4. Phobia

Duration : Approx. 18 minutes

Visit the Mist bandpage.

Reviewed on 2015-06-05 by Matt Halsey
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