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Cult Of Vampyrism : Aporia

Cult of Vampyrism's sophomore shows that Italian flair for creating unique-sounding Doom albums.

Another day, another interesting and unique spin on Doom Metal out of Italy. I think it is time I fessed up... I am an Italophile. I love the scenery, I love the architecture, I love the food, the language, the people, and damn I REALLY love the Doom. So many great bands, yet for me no real Italian sound save knowing that if it comes from there, there will be something that stands out. On the table today is ‘Aporia’ by Cult of Vampyrism, originally released back in 2013 and belatedly reaching my ears now. Still a pretty underground project, Cult of Vampyrism is the vehicle for the compositions of instrumentalist/vocalist Trismegisto, aided on this release by the sultry tones of female vocalist Morgenstern.

Trismegisto’s primary instrument is the keyboards, and this really shows with all songs built around a variety of great synth sounds, straight out of the archives of Italian Prog/Horror masters Goblin. In the heavy mix of synthesisers, Doom riffs and female vocals I also can’t help being reminded of The 3rd And The Mortal, especially around the Painting On The Glass era, although Cult of Vampyrism aren’t quite as totally out there, offering a somewhat more simplistic approach.

Morgenstern does a great job on vocals throughout, showing a decent range of different styles, from enchantingly soft (‘Something Special For You’) to full blown rock goddess (‘Sorcery’), with numerous trips into Italian spoken word that could bring a grown man to his knees, especially a self confessed Italophile(!).

Each of the seven songs has something different to offer, whilst keeping with the established aesthetic. Opener ‘La Mezzanotte Profonda’ has both feet in full electro-Goth territory with its pulsating synth, the title track builds over a tom heavy drumbeat, possibly the cause of the 3rd And The Mortal connection I felt, reminding me as it does of their track ‘Ring of Fire’. The standout track for me has to be closer ‘Something Special For You’, although it is probably the most off topic for the site being mainly a ballad built around a crowning vocal performance from Morgenstern, mixed with the best of the atmospheres that Cult of Vampyrism create, with no distorted guitar riffs to be heard.

My only real major criticism is that the guitar playing is a little simplistic, and coupled with a pretty uninspiring computerised amp tone seems to contrast a little with the lushness of the keyboards and quality of the voices. This is perhaps to be expected as Trismegisto has performed all instruments himself and shouldn’t be expected to have the full mastery over all of them as he does over his keyboards. The most recent post on the bands Facebook page as of this writing teases a ‘great guitar player’ being involved in the recording of the next record, so I await the results with excitement.

The record seems a lot shorter than it actually is, and its 42 minute running time has flown by on each listen, which surely can only be a good thing. And whilst I wish I had discovered this record sooner, at least I can be happy knowing that my lateness to the party means that a follow up will be here soon. Until then, check this out, especially if you have leanings towards the softer and moodier sides of Gothic Doom.

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Reviewer's rating: 9/10


Tracklist :
1. La Mezzanotte Profonda
2. Absynthe
3. Sorcery
4. Dei Compassionevoli
5. Aporia
6. Anthem for a Lie
7. Something Special for You

Duration : Approx. 42 minutes

Visit the Cult Of Vampyrism bandpage.

Reviewed on 2015-10-11 by Kris Clayton
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