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Previously known as Nyarlathotep the band changed their name in 2004 to Stomach Earth.Well done slow doom-death, quite atmospheric and with some <...
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The Hyle : The Hyle (Demo re-release)

The Hyle's first offering could become a Stoner/Doom classic.

Denmark's The Hyle is a mysterious cabal of musicians who worship at the feet of their Doom and Stoner-Metal forefathers, owing much of their sound to Doom greats Electric Wizard, and Windhand, with clean vocals akin to the style of Pallbearer.

Who are they? I don't know. A search of the internet would only reveal a few shadowy photographs, and little information aside from their country of origin. In some photos they appear to be a three-piece band, and in others four. Even after listening to an interview that lasted longer than 30 minutes, I was only able to glean that two of them are named 'L' and 'V' and that their goal was to rule the world... Mysterious indeed.

The word 'Hyle' means 'Matter' or 'Substance' and in Danish (pronounced 'Hee-La') means 'Howl' and all of these applications perfectly describe the music of The Hyle's demo CD. The esoteric lyrics hold clue to The Hyle's occultist leanings, while the heavy guitars and lumbering drums paint a backdrop of creeping menace. Each song slowly builds upon it's central theme by adding riffs, more guitars, and occasional horror film sound-clips to the ethereal singing, creating a sweeping soundscape of saturnine woe. Not only does each track develop in this fashion, but the CD as a whole progresses similarly.

The lead-off cut 'Lucifero' begins with a clean guitar figure before adding the heavier distorted guitars in a hypnotic trance-like riff, and by the CD's final offering 'Children of the Divine' the sludgy over-driven guitars, reverb infused vocals, and palpitating bass crescendo into a sublime morass of angst and dread and well... Doom!

Along the way we are treated to some fine Iommi-style solos, excellently formidable song structures and opaque lyrics that may as well been have written by H.P Lovecraft in ode to Cthulhu. There is even a touch of Iron Maiden in the twin guitar harmonies present on 'Children of the Divine' albeit much, much slower. I would be remiss not to give accolades to the sonic quality of this so called 'Demo' as it sounds fully produced and mastered and not at all like a demo, much more like a proper EP release. You can hear that L and V have taken abundant care in the finely nuanced production of this gem.

I heartily suggest that you obtain this CD (also available on vinyl) as it was printed in limited quantities and may someday be considered a classic of the genre, especially if their world domination plans come to fruition.'The Hyle' is Doom as The Beast intended: dark and foreboding with a sense of dread that you can't quite place, and the feeling that this has all happened before... And will again!

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Reviewer's rating: 8.5/10


Tracklist :
1. Lucifero
2. Serpent King
3. Spiritual Sacrifice
4. Children of the Divine

Duration : Approx. 29 minutes

Visit the The Hyle bandpage.

Reviewed on 2015-11-09 by Kevin Baird
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