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The debut full-length from Greek band Automaton is weighty, sludgy, coffin-lid-slamming Doom perfection.
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Spacement : Ascend To Freedom (EP)

Spacement's debut EP gets better as it goes deeper into psychedelic jamming.

Anyone trying to find out much about Greece's Spacement might well end up with disappointment plastered all over their doomy faces. I've a hunch the band like it that way, given the couple of short, self penned bios I found. However, a healthy amount of recent activity on their Facebook page suggests a band (with only this EP and a demo of the title track to their name, who've been active since 2012) about to have their star coming into its own ascendency.

I suppose their self-imposed 'psychedelic doom' tag is reasonably appropriate, although it wasn't until the second (and title track) of the two lengthy songs on offer here that I thought they really began to live up to it. First off, if you find Om (whose influence can certainly be felt) to be too, well, Om-like, then the sludgier Spacement may well strike a chord. Secondly, if you like a cosmic vibe stirred into your Doom, then step right up.

Spacement certainly pack their influences in tightly, but the odd idiosyncracies found in the vocals as well as the music do just about manage to lift them out of 'just another band' territory. The vocals veer from a washed out, yet highly effective, baritone back and forth into more familiar Post-Rock shoutings, and much of the heavier music brought to mind a far sludgier version of UK Post-'ers OHMMS.

Really, though, as previously hinted at, it is the second track where they really begin to shine. If you were to imagine The Doors jamming with Nick Cave on some serious downers, before Sleep and Isis walk in and take over periodically, then you'd not be far off the mark. The ritualistic pounding of the drums, the haunting vocals, and the dark, textured guitars really do make for something special as the song jams itself into a rather warped journey. Granted, there are other bands doing Psychedelic, and there are more than a few doing Sludge Doom, but if this debut EP says anything about Spacement it is that it seems the more progressive and jam-like the music, the better they sound. My only gripe is the synth and effects guy needs to be pushed more to the fore.

Two songs and twenty eight minutes to their name since inception may not indicate a band with a prolific output, but if the production and songcraft is anything to go by we are most likely in the company of a band who probably won't put any old rubbish to their name, and quite right too! I should imagine a few naysayers giving the 'got plenty of this in my collection already' line to 'Ascend to Freedom', and that may well be true, but there's a certain something here that warrants further investigation. 'Ascend to Freedom' won me over from something to review into something I'm still listening to, and I'd be very curious to hear what they do over a full length release.

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Reviewer's rating: 7/10


Tracklist :
1. Trapped
2. Ascend To Freedom

Duration : Approx. 28 minutes

Visit the Spacement bandpage.

Reviewed on 2016-02-24 by Matt Halsey
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