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Soothsayer : The Soothsayer (EP)

You simply cannot ignore the presence and quality found on Soothsayer's debut release.

This gruesome five hail from Cork in Ireland. Formed in 2013, much of the following year was spent honing their songs and sound, albeit with sporadic live performances, inflicting a Blackened, Doom-laden atmosphere upon all in their path.

The three songs here were recorded in Kerry in 2015, and these guys sound wiser than a band formed for just a couple of years. When the first song starts, strange and eerie sounds fill your ears making the atmosphere seem dark and gloomy. I wasn't too sure what was to follow.

However from the moment the music starts Soothsayer bring something fresh to this old stable of Doom. This is powerful stuff, and grips you from the first power chord that majestically thumps against your skull. From the wailing vocals of Liam Hughes to the crunching guitars, this is epic music. Every once in a while you get to hear a band that jumps out at you and you simply cannot ignore the presence and quality they bring.

The initial feeling is one of the unknown, but with each track the band really grows on you until you feel like its one you have been listening to for years. I was captivated by the second song: ‘33 From the Sun’ is a torturous melody-ridden passage of adventure. It's my favourite of all the songs. The bass cuts through beautifully in the mix and the drums are superb, brutally crashing against all rhythms in their wake.

‘Lunar Correspondence’ is a 13 minute masterpiece of Doom. The guitars are haunting in some parts, and crush you along with some amazing vocal lines and textures. The more I listen to this the more it grips me. These guys are definitely ones to look out for in the future, and I have been told that a new montage of Doom is soon on the way.

Everything blends together effortlessly. The pain and anger come through with every last vocal by Liam. He has it nailed down and it feels like he left everything in the mic booth when recording his parts. As this is just their first release, then we are in for a treat. Hopefully the world won't end just yet!

I can imagine they sound huge on stage and I will be actively seeking them out. I hope they carry this across the Irish seas and land on our murky shores sooner rather than later.

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Reviewer's rating: 9/10


Tracklist :
1. Unveil Them
2. 33 From The Sun
3. Lunar Correspondence

Duration : Approx. 37 minutes

Visit the Soothsayer bandpage.

Reviewed on 2016-04-16 by Riccardo Veronese
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