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Umnea : Beauty Of The Other Side Of Silence

Umnea's mix of Funeral and Ambient Drone Doom delivers majestic, slow and unwinding tracks.

There is not much known about this one-man project. The album has two songs over 20 minutes each. Later work 'Darkness. Depths & Mirrors' contains songs over 30 minutes long, so I settled down and prepared myself to weather the storm ahead. The music is described as a mix of Funeral and Ambient Drone Doom and is released through Satanarsa Records.

From the opening song you know you're in for an emotional, painful experience, with Sludgy guitars and chords that are so slow and long that they turn back the sands of time. Mid-way through you come across hypnotic keys straight out of a monk's cathedral. Dark and depressing, this accompanies the ever-present guitars. I wonder if more lead guitar could add an even more atmospheric feel to the procession.

Even though this is not my favourite genre in the Doom realm of music, I have grown to appreciate the concept. The title track 'Beauty Of The Other Side Of Silence' has some great passages. Double bass and warm lush melodies drive the song along, and you can comfortably relax and let your ears soak up the ambience on offer. This was my favourite song out of the two. There are enough moments where the keys take over and you're left in the swell of ambient sounds: an exploration into your deepest senses. The ending of the song is majestic, slow and unwinding. Hypnotic double bass patterns absorb and you just drift along. It's a great and clever way to end the song.

I think you have to listen to this quite a few times to really get into the songs. It is a lot to take in, when over 40 minutes covers just two tracks. Still, I believe the album covers all that you would want in this kind of genre - I just wish we had more about the history of the band to give us more background meaning to the music.

The guitar themselves are dirty and sludgy - drone at its best. The production is good and it has to be to carry this amount of music. No presence of vocals at all, so all the focus is on the instrumentation. There are brief acoustic moments that appear over the two songs and it would be nice to see what the band can do acoustically as well in the future. I can see myself delving more into this genre and exploring what is on offer. Have a listen, and give this work a few spins. With so many bands now coming out of the woodwork, it's easy to sometimes let some little gems go unnoticed.

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Reviewer's rating: 8/10


Tracklist :
1. Between Sides Of Silence
2. Beauty Of The Other Side Of Silence

Duration : Approx. 51 minutes

Visit the Umnea bandpage.

Reviewed on 2016-06-20 by Riccardo Veronese
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