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Erethe : The Sun Is Leaving

Let down by poor production, Erethe's brief debut seems more like a second demo.

An extract from Erethe's website, describing the band's sound: "Erethe is a metal band...that creates atmospheres that are at once spacious and confining, retaining a sense of honesty and directness amidst foreboding. The music of Erethe is both dark and abstract, inviting the listener into worlds both familiar and strange without ever attempting to stray from its original intention to create."

Erethe play Doom/Death Metal and are from Memphis in the United States. They had a demo out in 2008, which I actually prefer in terms of variation and melody structure. The newest music to arrive is entitled The Sun is Leaving. It features only 3 songs, with two over the 9 minute mark, all performed by O'meed Entezari.

The music is heavy, droney and melodic in places. I found the bass drum very flat-sounding and overall the drums don't excite. Vocals are dark and deep sounding and overshadow a lot of the music. Because the guitars are quite high in frequency, and the growls are so big and deep, they kind of separate everything.

The guitars are crisp and on the first song 'Tender Voyage' they seem quite relaxing and repetitive. My main gripe is there is not much variation in the music. Whilst it has a nice feel to it, you're awaiting that killer melody or change, but you're basically waiting for a moment that will never come. You are kind of left holding the ticket, with no destination to go to.

Spoken words float between passages, but don't add any real dynamic to the overall picture. Keys could be something to add in the future - if they already have keys, then I struggled to hear any. This was also the case with the bass guitar.

The production is not great and lacks real character and depth. It sounds more like a good demo. The difference in volume between this and the previous demo is huge. Has the band progressed since, or evolved? I'm not really sure. This is definitely one element I would say they can improve on to present their work better. Though, if it is a live feel they are going for, then perhaps it's fair enough.

Overall, I was left disappointed by this, and wished for a more polished package. Sometimes there isn't the money or means to get the mixing and mastering done professionally, but I would rather delay and invest to get the best-possible sounding product.

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Reviewer's rating: 6/10


Tracklist :
1. Tender Voyage
2. Ghosts of the Cold
3. Black Leaf Lying Wet

Duration : Approx. 27 minutes

Visit the Erethe bandpage.

Reviewed on 2016-07-16 by Riccardo Veronese
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