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HellLight : Journey Through Endless Storms

HellLight's latest is like drowning in a beautifully-crafted sea of misery.

"In the brand new full-length album by the lords of the Brazilian Funeral Doom metal scene, HellLight, they have found the ultimate balance of atmospheric and melodic, most clearly expressing their vision of the genre and displaying all their typical and iconic sides, formed in the previous works. In the «Journey Through Endless Storms» the listeners meet the majestic keyboards combined with plangent dark guitars, solid growl shaded by clean male vocals inserts, and piercing guitar solos. All this means that the journey begins and it will be breathtaking!"

So it begins. This grabbed my attention from the opening stormy sample. Female operatic vocals float in and out and It paints a gloomy expanding picture of what's ahead. When the guitars crash in you know you're in some dark place with no way out. I love the simplicity of the opening riff, but with keys adding atmosphere it's simply just huge. It's quite rare that after the first song I would have been happy to hit rewind and start again.

Vocals are deep and pulverising and cascade against the ever present wall of guitars. They come in quite quickly in the song and you get everything in this first song from death grunts, clean vocals to spoken words. The clean parts are really well done and his voice carries really well over the guitars. Mournful, yet they breathe even more atmosphere into the songs.

'Dive in the Dark' continues this vein. More leads cut through in this song but still the weight of these riffs weigh you down and you can't help but smash your head to this monster. The melodies and leads are well structured and carry great emotion.

The bass is deep and heavy but cuts through in the mix. You can hear bass solos throughout, the album which I enjoy. Sometimes it's great to just listen to certain instruments within songs and if the production is spot on you can really appreciate the melodies.

All the songs are enjoyable and keep the same approach: drowning in misery, while you're just trying to keep your head above water. '...Beneath the Stars' starts with acoustic passages and really beautifully crafted melodies. This is a highlight for me, and shows the album is strong all the way through. There is nothing cheerful about this song, or even a glimmer of hope. The album comes to a close and it's one of reflection. A great work, and one the band can be proud of.

I'm gonna absolutely check all HellLight's previous works. I'm amazed how many great bands we miss each year. Highly recommend this to Funeral Doom fans who love atmospheric heavy songs.

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Reviewer's rating: 9/10


Tracklist :
1. Journey Through Endless Storm
2. Dive In The Dark
3. Distant Light That Fades
4. Time
5. Cemetherapy
6. Beyond Stars
7. Shapeless Forms Of Emptiness
8. End Of Pain

Duration : Approx. 79 minutes

Visit the HellLight bandpage.

Reviewed on 2016-08-04 by Riccardo Veronese
Aesthetic Death
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