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Clouds Taste Satanic : Dawn Of The Satanic Age

Another decent, energetic foray into instrumental Stoner/Doom from Clouds Taste Satanic.

’Dawn Of The Satanic Age’ is a decent foray into the world of instrumental Metal. Carrying either a bleak atmosphere in their Doom sections, or a pummeling pulse in their jammin’ metal riffs, Clouds Taste Satanic gives us a somewhat impressive, but not completely varied collection of six songs, each one either five or six minutes in length. Though it isn’t a showcase of exemplary songwriting, it is a fun compilation of energy driven Doom tunes, a continuing oscillation between sinister and foreboding to aggressive and affected.

As already mentioned, ’Dawn Of The Satanic Age’ doesn’t contain a single vocal line, though it makes do with its entertaining riffs and drum fills. Even the bass rumbles its way through the mix as a distinct element in the appropriate parts. Though, it must be noted that in a genre such as Doom, when long drawn out chords are a key feature, a lack of the vocal dimension can leave songs sounding similar. This is the case in a few places on the album, but it isn’t a persistent issue. Clouds Taste Satanic deserves credit for how well they fill the sound spectrum with just some good Metal riffs, e.g., the chorus to ‘We Die We Live’, and the track ‘Just Another Animal’.

Production-wise, ’Dawn Of The Satanic Age’ is quite satisfying. The drums pack a solid punch, and as for the guitars, their treatment on the soundboard couldn’t be better. You can hear all the notes in each chord, and the heavy riffs have a great crunch to them. The lead guitar sits nicely on top of the bleak atmosphere, and there are even a few synth parts, such as on ‘The Brocken’. Adding to some of ’Dawn Of The Satanic Age’’s idiosyncrasies is the presence of chimes on some of the transition sections. These moments give the album some flare, and they were sparse enough that I found it hard not to be amused by them.

Coming to a close rather quickly, ’Dawn Of The Satanic Age’ is a neat effort, even if it does all seem to run together at times. I think Clouds Taste Satanic pulls of their line of approach, a sound that focuses on good riffs and not much else. It would be interesting to see these guys live.

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Reviewer's rating: 6.5/10


Tracklist :
1. Enthroned
2. We Die We Live
3. Retribution
4. The Brocken
5. Just Another Animal
6. Demon Among The Stars

Duration : Approx. 37 minutes

Visit the Clouds Taste Satanic bandpage.

Reviewed on 2016-10-02 by Alex Drozd
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