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Reclvse : Evil Lvrks (EP)

Welsh band Reclvse really sound like they mean business with this ultra-tasty sample of their abilities.

'Evil Lvrks' sees Reclvse return with their third EP since their 2013 formation in South Wales. Featuring three new tracks and two live recordings, including a cover of Pentagram's seminal Doom classic, 'Be Forewarned', it's another bite size taster from a band that have shown some real promise. The EP cover features monochrome comic book style artwork reminiscent of the stark, gothic pages of Alan Moore's 'From Hell', adding a sinister touch of class even before the first riff begins.

In classic Doom style, opening track 'Evil Lvrks' begins with the sound of a grimly tolling bell, before launching into a down tempo riff loaded with equal parts menace and distortion. Production on this EP is rougher than a backstreet Swansea boozer on a Saturday night, which ensures a live, natural sound. So authentically live is the sound, in fact, that one can almost visualise being in a metal club, standing in a puddle of stale beer watching the band through a haze of furtively toked marijuana smoke. It's an impressive burst of traditional Doom to open proceedings that's driven by a killer riff and a stirring vocal performance from singer, Joe: part Ozzy drawl, but intensifying to a blood curdling snarl as the end refrain of "Evil lurks inside that woman" is repeatedly roared as the track pounds to a malevolent close.

The other two studio tracks don't disappoint. 'To be Slain' begins more slowly, bringing an air of melancholy, before launching into another classic Trad Doom riff, a relentlessly crunching bassline and some wild soloing as the song progresses. 'Inn Modern Times' brings a slow-fast-slow dynamic, and is the heaviest, most frenetic track on this tantalising taster of Reclvse's undoubted Doom talents. Finishing off the EP, the two live cuts round things off nicely. Pentagram's timeless Doom classic, 'Be Forewarned', is delivered with furious energy, whilst retaining the dark, classic grandeur of the original. Lesser men may have baulked at attempting a genre defining number, but not Reclvse, they attack it with gusto. All three of this unholy trio pull off stellar live performances, and sound like a band that means serious business, one that's ready to push on to another level.

'Evil Lvrks' shows immense promise, and deserves to gain Reclvse widespread recognition. I, for one, am hoping to hear a full-length album very soon. A band to look out for in 2017 and beyond.

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Reviewer's rating: 10/10


Tracklist :
1. Evil Lvrks
2. To Be Slain
3. Inn Modern Times
4. Man of My Word (Live at home in Swansea)
5. Be Forewarned (Pentagram standard live in London)

Duration : Approx. 20 minutes

Visit the Reclvse bandpage.

Reviewed on 2016-11-28 by Nick Harkins
Aesthetic Death
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