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Funeris : Ghostly, Gloomy Notes

The creativity of Funeris seldom disappoints, and feels like a welcome journey into the unknown.

This band has been a fantastic part of my collection for a while now. Their latest album is 'Ghostly, Gloomy Notes' and it's been released by Silent Time Noise. Since 2014, this Argentinian Funeral Doom band has packed in 4 full length albums. The last album, 'Nocturnes for Grim Orchestra', had just 3 tracks on it but still covered over an hour of playing time. This time we have 7 tracks to feast on.

I love the sound of this band, it has a beautifully crushing but mesmerising tone to it. With trepidation, I put my headphones on and await the impending doom.

After a short instrumental intro Funeris deliver again, with a huge opening into our darkest thoughts. Big snares crash and chime away whilst heavy guitars make your ears bleed and paralyse your nerve endings. The quiet passages are atmospheric and mournful. 'Estrella Polar' is a superb track with everything we want to hear from a slab of Funeris' work. The song itself is based on the story 'Polaris' by H. P. Lovecraft.

'Nightmare Scenes' starts off with leads and keys that stab you repeatedly in the head. Vocals growl deeply away. Heavy in nature, they really tell you the story of what they try to convey: a labyrinth of despair. The pace picks up a fraction here and there, but it still keeps to its slow hypnotic rhythm. The song carries some well rounded organ/string keys which keep well within the boundaries of the song.

'Damnation In Disguise' is another great song to grab your attention. Epic leads and mammoth vocals pour over your soul leaving you mesmerised. It's really heavy, and it cuts into you. The creativity of Funeris seldom disappoints, and you always feel like they are taking you on a journey to some unknown realm. It leaves you craving more of the misery on offer. A welcome place and a delightful escape for some. You can compare their style of music to a few bands, but I think they have enough about themselves to carry and present their music in its own right.

Even the spoken parts are done just right, with the perfect amount of tone and presence to leave you feeling sad and pondering life's ups and downs. Most of the songs have a slow and shallow opening. 'Númen Divina' is no different, though it builds to a higher crescendo.

The very last song, titled 'Agobiante Sufrir', was apparently one of the very first Doom Metal tunes Alejandro wrote, long ago when he was in his project Seol in 1997. Amazing that this has survived, and great that it is now part of the Funeris archives.

When the final track winds down I sit back and think about the positives and negatives. The production is again amazing, and beautifully crafted. There really is not much to fault, maybe some more faster riffs would be nice, but it's not anything to really gripe about. The sound and tone of the guitar again is superb and the drums and bass leave enough space for everything to breathe. I'm sure we will have another album out pretty soon and I for one will be happily awaiting it.

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Reviewer's rating: 9/10


Tracklist :
1. Initium
2. Estrella Polar
3. Nightmare Scenes
4. Canon For A Misty Sunset
5. Damnation In Disguise
6. Numen Divina
7. Agobiante Sufrir

Duration : Approx. 62 minutes

Visit the Funeris bandpage.

Reviewed on 2017-01-13 by Riccardo Veronese
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