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Licrest : Nothing

The third Licrest album is a nicely put together 30-minute chunk of Death Doom.

'Nothing' is the third album from the one-man project Licrest out of Baltimore, Maryland. Put together by an individual who likes to keep himself busy in the music world (Really... check his Metal Archives page), 'Nothing' is a fine 30 minute chunk of death doom comparable to the likes of Novembers Doom or Daylight Dies, especially in the guitar department. Built around a solid foundation of melodic, melancholic leads slapped over crunchy rhythms and pounding drums that show little-to-no flair (which I don't take any issue with), the album is the perfect length for what it is. Each song, more or less, has it's own identity, the sound doesn't grow stale across the short time length and nothing seems to drag on longer than it needs to. Some of the guitar solos, as well, are very nicely put together and don't hinder the mood of the associated track. I've had a history of getting bored by most within this particular subgenre, but this actually resonates with me quite nicely.

With each of the five tracks on the album having, more or less, their own identity, you get to see a rare example of increased tempo on the track 'Decay', mild amounts of keyboard use on 'Broken Inside' and almost My Dying Bride-esque clean vocals on 'Nothing'. There's also harmonized chanting on the opening track, but that's one of the few missteps I've come across in my listening. The vocals, overall, aren't anything particularly special, but there's nothing wrong with any of the growls or clean singing. It fits the music quite well and, from an ability standpoint, it's fine and does what it needs to do. Definitely suited for fans of the aforementioned Novembers Doom or Daylight Dies (or even the often put down Swallow the Sun), I recommend giving this some listening time if you're into the style. I, for one, am going to see if the previous two records hold up to the quality showcased here.

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Reviewer's rating: 8/10


Tracklist :
1. Broken Inside
2. Nothing
3. Decay
4. What Ends in Pain
5. Epitaphless

Duration : Approx. 31 minutes

Visit the Licrest bandpage.

Reviewed on 2017-02-25 by Jon Carr
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