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Corrupted : Black Army Jacket/Corrupted Split

This is the second split which Corrupted participates in. It is also the first of the several splits with grindcore bands that were to come later. There is one difference though. Black Army Jacket isn't exactly your average grindcore band.

The split starts off with three tracks by Black Army Jacket. They were a real surprise when I first heard them. I knew that before they split up, they were one of the fastest bands in the NYC area. What I wasn't expecting was that they are also one of the doomiest grindcore bands ever. In fact, there should be no doubt that large parts of their works on this split, is sludge/doom. Nonetheless, they are mainly a death/grindcore band which is clearly influenced by Celtic Frost. Well, at least they are on this split.

Corrupted takes on its side in their typical filthy sludge/doom style, with Spanish lyrics and the grim vokills that we'd expect from one of their releases - musical vomit from twisted minds.

The front of the split has "Homosexual Ejecutado" written on it. This translates to "Executed Homosexual" and is most likely a reference to the picture of a dead man that is right below the text. Below that picture is another text: "En esta forma fue encentrado el cuerpo Josť Santana HernŠndez (La Lucero) asesinada a podridas". This is best translated as "In this way the body of Josť Santana HernŠndez ([from the place] La Lucero) was left to rot". I'm not sure what it's supposed to mean. The name of Corrupted’s track 'Arrastrandose Solo' (translated: "crawling alone") doesn't give any obvious clues to the meaning, either. It's not unlikely that it's just a comment intended to shock.

This is one of the better splits ever done by Corrupted, and as Black Army Jacket also impressed me greatly, I'd recommend this one to everyone who wants a good sludge split. Definitely one of the best releases in Corrupted’s discography.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
Black Army Jacket:
1. Parliament of Rooks
2. Fire in the Universe
3. Impastor

4. Arrastrandose Solo

Duration : Approx. 11 minutes

Visit the Corrupted bandpage.

Reviewed on 08-03-2007 by Arnstein Petersen
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