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Decemberance : Conceiving Hell

Epic Death/Doom with lush acoustic passages fills Greece's Decemberance's sophomore full-length.

Decemberance are a five piece band hailing from Greece. They have been active since 1997, and so far have produced three demos and two full-lengths, including this latest 'Conceiving Hell', being released by Endless Winter. (Eight long years have passed since 'Inside' was released). The music has elements of horror and insanity. One thing that has not really changed is the length of each track. There are only four on this album, but each one is over seventeen minutes long. It is a huge amount to digest when listening to each song.

I found each song had its ups and downs, some odd samples, and at times I did find the direction hard to visualise. Maybe these were the parts where horror crept into the music - I found the acoustic passages brilliant and really enjoyed the style, sound and feel of these parts. Filled with emotion, and the added sound of cellos just gives you the feeling of pure sadness.

Because each song is so epic in length I thought I would write about the actual album as a whole rather then each song separately. The strengths of the album for me are the ones where the music is allowed to breathe. The acoustic parts, the flowing melodies with cellos, open up your inner thoughts leaving you to ponder the outside world. To get the balance right is hard and to keep enough riffs and tempo changes in the right places needs to be spot on to keep the listener interested. I wandered off in a few parts I must admit, and found it hard to stay completely focused.

The guitar parts, when heavy, are solid enough. They pay homage and stay true to the genre, and you can dig the vibe of old-school running through them. The tone of the guitars is nice, and Chris and Nikos blend effortlessly together. The sound is crisp and never gets messy or over-complicated. Some of the riffs are not catchy or mind-blowing, but still serve justice to the songs. The drums are varied and change the tempo and direction of the songs. They are punchy and are mixed very well. Yiannis also provides the vocals. These are deep growls that hold everything together, whilst other shrieking takes you to different places.

Aggelos's bass lines are solid enough, and it would be nice to hear more of his parts flow more openly throughout. Overall, these songs will appeal to many people because of the crossover from Doom/Death to Funeral Doom within the quieter, slower passages. It is epic in parts, and grows on you with every listen.

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Reviewer's rating: 7.5/10


Tracklist :
1. The Scepter
2. Departures
3. The Blind Will Lead The Way
4. Sailing...

Duration : Approx. 73 minutes

Visit the Decemberance bandpage.

Reviewed on 2017-05-21 by Riccardo Veronese
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