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Mahakala : The Second Fall

As much old-school Metal as old-school Doom, Mahakala's sophomore rocks with shades of Ozzy.

Mahakala present us with a mix of Doom Metal from earlier years whilst bringing in Heavy Metal sounds from the later years. They are a four piece band from Athens, Greece. The music and lyrical theme can range from dark mythology to religion. This is their second full-length album following on from 2013's 'Devil's Music'. Earlier works include an EP and a demo.

Before we delve in, it's worth a mention that Mahakala's new album 'The Second Fall' has a completely new lineup and is powerful and full of promise. Jim Kotsis's vocal performance is huge. Shades of Ozzy ring out throughout the album. The current lineup I personally think could achieve great things, and the chemistry will only get stronger as two members already play in another band. There is plenty to get your teeth into. The guitars sound like a mix of old school Power Metal - Onslaught's earlier work comes to mind when hearing the pulsating riffs - and in production and even some of the vocal hooks there is a similar feel.

The passages of music have loads of variety and the songs themselves never go much past five minutes, which I think helps. From the opening track, 'Army of Flies', we start with a great opening riff. You know right off what you're going to get. Vocals are at the forefront, and some of the guitars could come up a tad in volume - such is the presence of Jim's vocal capabilities.

Hector smashes the crap out of his drums like a possessed octopus. His arms must be everywhere. The pace and rhythm is really good. They have nailed it with the general feel of this album. 'Redemption Denied' carries on with even a more hypnotic feel and some super Power Metal chords. Maybe some will be put off by the vocals but if you like your vintage metal sound this is as good as it gets.

'Better To Reign In Hell (Than Serve In Heaven)' is a slower tempo and has a nice satanic feel to it. When it kicks off we have a combination of blastbeats with a great solo. This song carries some nice twists to it. We also have guest vocals on 'Wrath Of Lucifer (Infidels)' performed by Necromayhem. Bass really stands out on this song and some beautiful melodies can be heard. With so many genres now Heavy Metal has somewhat been overshadowed, so it's good to see a band just letting rip. It's not a masterpiece but strong enough and the band play with great freedom, excelling in parts.

The rest of the album, whilst keeping in the same vein, does nothing to excite you any more than the rest, but I feel the second half is stronger the more you listen. If you're into old school Metal but with a twist then this is an album you must listen to. While not pushing boundaries they still have enough in the tank to keep the engine running and the listener happy.

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Reviewer's rating: 7.5/10


Tracklist :
1. Army Of The Flies
2. Redemption Denied
3. Purgatorium
4. Better To Reign In Hell (Than Serve In Heaven)
5. Darkness In Their Eyes
6. Wrath Of Lucifer (Infidels)
7. Unholy Fight
8. Blessed Are The Dead
9. War Against Mankind

Duration : Approx. 40 minutes

Visit the Mahakala bandpage.

Reviewed on 2017-07-21 by Riccardo Veronese
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