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Beggar : Chainscraper (EP)

The UK's Beggar release their best effort to date with a solid Post-core attack.

It would be fair to say that Bristol's Beggar (UK) have been nothing if not consistent in their output since their inception. One EP per year since 2013, with much of the musical content equal in it's quality and craftsmanship if somewhat more diverse in style. Kind of what I like most about them really. That is to say, their refusal to have everything sound the same. Sure, it's all 'Post-core' in feel, but Beggar have a subtle sense of experimentation to them which I enjoy a whole lot.

The irony of that opening paragraph is that it now appears, with this current EP, that Beggar are essentially coming straight for your jugular with a solid, uncluttered Post-core attack that is far more buttoned-up than previously encountered. They do revert back to their old ways of slightly odd-ball groove here and there, but for the most part they just want to stamp on your face. I don't mind one bit. For one thing, they do it terribly well.

So, as far as that groove goes, 'Take A Leaf' does get a bit Stoner, and the vocals of C. Davis are beginning to sound far more commanding and versatile. There's even a fiddly solo tacked on the end. However, 'Our Good Name' is a song that will clumsily hack off your head and take it home in a hessian sack. No subtlety there. Final track 'Cryptid' is, it seems, the sound of a band finally coming of age. The last couple of minutes of which are worth the admission price alone. Locked into a colossal groove, with some scintillating lead work, Beggar combine blunt force trauma with precision and prowess. Job done. Thank you very much.

Ironic indeed, that up till now it was Beggar's eclectic mix of hardcore, sludgy Doom along with a tad (sorry) of Grunge that had me hooked. With 'Chainscraper', although they've closed ranks and become more uniform in style, perhaps with yet even more irony, to my reckoning they've just released their best effort to date. Unless it is their collective souls' desire to keep releasing EPs, now might be the perfect time to start thinking about that debut album. They really do sound more than ready for it.

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Reviewer's rating: 8.5/10


Tracklist :
1. Chainscraper
2. Take A Leaf
3. Our Good Name
4. Cryptid

Duration : Approx. 16 minutes

Visit the Beggar bandpage.

Reviewed on 2017-08-31 by Matt Halsey
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