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Dirty Grave : Evil Desire

Dirty Grave's debut full-length pays homage to the pioneers of Doom metal.

Two talented lads from Brazil pay tribute to their doom metal heroes in their first full length album. The album is fun to listen despite the rather unfortunate use of programmed drums.

'Evil Desire' is the first full length album by Brazilian Doom metal band Dirty Grave. It is released through Bandcamp in digital format only. This is an independent home-made production, as stated in the info sheet. Prior to this, Dirty Grave had officially released a total of about 40 minutes of music; a self-titled 25-minute EP in 2013 which was followed by 'Vol. II', a 4-track short release in 2014.

Within the first seconds of the album it is obvious that the band does not hide their influences. The bands Black Sabbath and Pentagram are the first to come to mind and you may occasionally wonder whether you have heard that riff before. Indeed, their liner notes begin with a thank-you to Pentagram, Saint Vitus and Black Sabbath.

As the whole album is heavily influenced by bands like the above, there is a plethora of great riffs along with some solid lead guitar work. The old-school vibrato is reminiscent of Iommiís and definitely in-style for a recording of this kind. Speaking of the lead guitar, there are some good solos with an occasional fast run here and there. Shredding may seem a bit out of context in some places, however these modern elements add to the end result. Overall, the guitar has a very nice early Doom feel with the riffs being the bandís strength! The vocals are most of the time clean and reminiscent of Pentagram. The bass is tight, has a good sound and is well performed. The recording could possibly benefit from a bigger and more aggressive bass sound and maybe some more bass fills. After all, this should have been a power trio where the bass and drums have a lot of space to fill.

Unfortunately, this is a home production and it does sound like there are no real drums or drummer. The always-the-same sound of the drums without any dynamics whatsoever point to a midi-programmed use of sample. Although this may not be evident to some listeners, and the programming is not bad, overall the production at times lacks character and dynamics and gets a bit tiring after a while. This should not be much of a problem in some other genres, but given that the song writing is good and the proto-Doom metal vibe has been very nicely recreated, it sounds like a lost chance for (what could have been otherwise) a great record.

Nevertheless, the music is good, the riffs are there, and the album is entertaining and will certainly appeal to Pentagram fans. Surely, it would have been much better if the technical challenges of a recording were properly addressed. But life goes on, and Dirty Graveís album is out there to be enjoyed, along with a cold beer, free on YouTube or at a very small price on Bandcamp if you want to support the band.

In conclusion, there are some great moments in this recording and a cool vibe that a stoner doom fan will definitely appreciate.

Editor's note: After this review was written, we learned that the album is now available in CD format through GrimmDistribution (Belarus), Todestrieb (UK) and Doom Stew (USA, also issuing on tape). In Brazil, a multi-label CD release will include the EP 'Dirty Grave' as a bonus.

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Reviewer's rating: 6/10


Tracklist :
1. Satanís Wings
2. Until The Day I Die
3. Evil Desire
4. Evil (Is Going On) (Willie Dixon)
5. Beyond The Door
6. Remorse
7. You Dead
8. The Black Cloud Comes

Duration : Approx. 41 minutes

Visit the Dirty Grave bandpage.

Reviewed on 2017-11-02 by Nick Kelaidis
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