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Fašade : Loathe

The debut full-length from Fašade is a worthy demonstration of all the right elements of modern Death/Doom.

Fašade's debut full-length album, 'Loathe', is comprised of six lengthy brooding tracks that twist together strident, heavily distorted death metal, and dark semi-acoustic doom passages. While they haven't reinvented the time tested Death-Doom sound, Fašade does deliver on some sombre, despair infused tracks worthy of even a seasoned listener's ear.

The heavier portions of 'Loathe' sound like an even mixture of the down tempo, face crushing riffs one would expect from this genre, mixed with a dash of swampy Florida Death Metal (Immolation) and a complement of dissonant riffs which bring to mind the Swedish Prog-metal scene (Older Opeth/Katatonia). In addition to memorable riffing there are plenty of well-crafted melodies and semi-acoustic segments, which ring reminiscent of the Swedish doom scene and add a strong atmospheric element to the album. However, in my opinion the drums and bass were mixed under too much on this album but the competence in their execution is clear. On songs like 'Sleepless,' which features a great balance of heavier and semi- acoustic portions, the bass does come to the forefront and really adds to the overall feeling of the song. Vocalist Ben provides a powerful and diverse range of vocals throughout the course of the album ranging from bleak guttural death metal vocals to a raspier near black metal delivery. The anguished tone in the death metal vocals brings to mind present day October Tide, however, where he truly comes into stride is in the raspier end, which really drives the raw emotional aspects of the songs.

The production itself is decent but the mixing feels off and this is often distracting. The vocals are too loud, oddly leaving them overly harsh at times, and the low end is too muted which does not allow the dynamics of the songs to flow through properly. While I enjoyed this album as a whole, I think the addition of a keyboard or synth in some of the more sparsely arranged areas would benefit this release in that there are some points where the tracks almost lose their momentum. Alternatively, removing extraneous sections or unnecessary gaps would create more concise and well crafted songs, which would have a greater impact on the listener. That being said, the band does make good use of features such as crescendos and skills like this, if honed, could really be used to their advantage in forthcoming albums. All of the right elements are present in this release: musicianship, interesting concept ('Loathe' is a concept album, which "thematically deals with a character called 'The King of Burden'"), and quality song writing so one can easily imagine that given the right production and a leaner approach to song writing this band could go on to create some modern classics in the Death-Doom realm. br>

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Reviewer's rating: 7.5/10


Tracklist :
1. Apostate
2. Veil Of Deceit
3. Insanity Restored
4. Sleepless
5. Departure
6. Forlorn

Duration : Approx. 50 minutes

Visit the Fašade bandpage.

Reviewed on 2017-11-02 by Lord Tanner Skrocki
Aesthetic Death
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