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Corrupted : Llenandose de Gusanos

To many people the magic number is three, but in this case it's two. 'Llenandose De Gusanos' (translated as "filled with worms") consists of two tracks, each on a separate CD, totaling a playing time of just over two hours. That's over 120 minutes of music. But! Corrupted fans, don't rejoice too soon. Most of the time this is not the sludge/doom Corrupted that we know and love.

'Sangre/Humanos' seems to be two tracks blended into one. "Sangre", Spanish for "blood", seems to be the 17 and a half minute long intro to "humanos", which is Spanish for "human". Yes, you heard me right. The intro alone lasts nearly a third of an hour. However, for those who don't enjoy sad, minimalist ambient soundscapes, it might get rather tedious. This is because the intro consists of just a faint piano and some sporadic and faded words which are as much mumbled as they are spoken; an understandably monotonous experience.

The first track is a total of 50 minutes long. So when I say that the rest of the track is the only sludge/doom that you will find on this release, you can pretty much do the maths yourself. Out of a total of 124 minutes, only 32 and a half minutes consist of doom metal. On its own that's not bad, but when you know that it's only a quarter of the running time of this release, it gets kind of disappointing. On the other hand, this section will not be a disappointment to those who manage to get through the intro. Powerful dirging bass with the filthy sound and the foul vocals in Spanish that have become Corrupted's trademark is what you should expect. In addition there is a new element included, rhythmic pounding on a piano that only enchants the disgusting aura. This is not just sludge/doom as we are used to hearing from these guys, it's actually one of their best and grimmest works to date.

'El Mundo' (translated as "the world") is even more minimalist than the intro to 'Sangre/Humanos'. It's so ambient that after hearing the powerful final half an hour of the first track, it's almost impossible to hear any sound at all. This track lasts a whole 74 minutes, which is pure torture through boredom for those that don't particularly like this kind of music. The rumbling repetitive structure of this track reminds me of a more ambient Fall Of The Grey-Winged One or I Dream No More. This rumbling, or droning as some would call it, goes on and on to eternity. Perhaps that's the reason behind its name?

Some people consider this release to be the best Corrupted release so far because purely on the basis of the first CD. Most of the others seem to run out of patience before they can enjoy it. It seems to me that this release is only really enjoyable for the select few which enjoy both kinds of music. I would advise the rest to get hold of it only if you’re a collector of Corrupted material.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Sangre/Humanos

1. El Mundo

Duration : Approx. 124 minutes

Visit the Corrupted bandpage.

Reviewed on 09-02-2006 by A. Tolonen
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