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Et Moriemur : Epigrammata

Showing both strengths and weaknesses, but undeniably bold and striking - Et Moriemur's ecelectic latest full-length.

When it comes to Czech Republicís Doom band Et Moriemur, Iím generally stuck between a rock and a hard place. Thatís because there are some things they do really well and some things that annoy me, and 'Epigrammata' is certainly in that vein.

Atmospherically speaking, I admire the boldness of this band - theyíre always keen to try something new. Whether they incorporate violins, piano, spoken words, chants, or anything else along those lines, they tend to do it well. I certainly canít say that I have been bored by listening to Et Moriemur on 'Epigrammata'.

However, at times, the production sounds very cheap to me, which is a shame because the music itself is predominantly enjoyable. For example, thereís a real hollow sound with regard to the drums, and I find that very annoying. Itís the same kind of noise that my 2-year old nephew manages to conjure up when he randomly hits objects with his own toy cross stick. Yet in other instances, everything blends seamlessly together and the listener is treated to a beautiful symphony of darkness. Again, thatís why I tend to find myself on the fence when it comes to Et Moriemur - there's so much potential but only some of it is realised.

Another aspect of this release I didnít enjoy were the male falsetto growls, which I honestly thought were performed by a female to begin with. Thereís no mention of such in the inlay, however, so I believe that theyíre performed by Zdenek. Anybody familiar with their previous release will know what I am referring to as theyíve basically picked up where they left off on this album. Fortunately, the male falsetto growls are used somewhat sparingly so it certainly doesnít ruin the release.

I have to confess to being fascinated by this Death/Doom opus though. There are so many intriguing elements to the music that I cannot help but thirst to know more about it. The juxtaposition between an almost holy sound, a melodic, contemplative atmosphere, and a screeching torture chamber is decidedly unique. Iíve indirectly accused some bands in the past of playing too many styles without knowing which path they want to follow but I donít feel that way about Et Moriemur. Yes, there are some things that theyíre better at than others but I seldom struggle to believe that they donít know which direction theyíre heading in despite playing a style of Death/Doom with influences from Black Metal, Gothic music, and probably just an unexpected touch of Mike Oldfield!

Cards on the table - I donít like their more uptempo music with male falsetto growled vocals. It doesnít work for me. I also donít like the sound that their drums produce. However, I do love the atmospheres created and the varying styles utilised. Iím also very intrigued about the concept behind the music, which appears to be Ancient Greece. The music is sometimes crushing, sometimes beautiful, and sometimes haunting, all of which I feel Et Moriemur do well. I canít help wondering just how good this band could be if theyíd iron out their weaknesses.

The influence of a number of bands is evident on this album but Et Moriemur havenít copied anybody. Indeed, I almost feel guilty for calling this a ďDeath/DoomĒ release because thereís so much more to it than that. I donít think Iíve ever heard any band fuse styles like this before, at least not as well as Et Moriemur generally did on 'Epigrammata'. I certainly think that thereís something for everybody on this unique release so Iíd encourage everybody to give it a shot and post what you think on the forum.

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Reviewer's rating: 7.5/10


Tracklist :
1. Introitus
2. Requiem Aeternam
3. Agnus Dei
4. Dies Irae
5. Offertorium
6. Communio
7. Libera Me
8. Absolve Domine
9. Sanctus
10. In Paradisum

Duration : Approx. 54 minutes

Visit the Et Moriemur bandpage.

Reviewed on 2018-06-24 by Ian Morrissey
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