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Hinayana : Order Divine

A ferocious yet melodic Death-heavy Death/Doom release marks Hinayana's full-length debut.

It's always exciting for us here at Doom-metal.com to receive a debut full-length album to review, so it was with no little enthusiasm that I unleashed this monster on my long-suffering speakers. This powerful release from Austin's Hinayana sees them produce their first full album with a follow up to their 2014 demo, 'Endless'. Hinayana were, at the time, a one-man project, with the entire demo recorded by lead singer Casey Hurd. Since then, membership of the band has swelled to five, and the new expanded line-up has let loose 'Order Divine' onto the metal community.

Clocking in at a neat 34 minutes, it's a lean, sinewy debut with no flab. The sound of Hinayana has been distilled into one succinct release with not a second wasted. With a melodic Death/Doom sound, it's an album that is both atmospheric, and at times almost dream-like, whilst remaining brutally uncompromising. Casey maintains a blistering Death Metal growl throughout the entire album that never relents in its ferocity.

Opening track, 'Gateway', sets the scene with a moody, melancholy instrumental number before the album bares its teeth with the immediately aggressive, 'The Window'. It's a ferocious slab of Death/Doom mayhem with harsh, growled vocals and some frenetic riffing. As heavy as it is, it still retains a little of the melodic approach taken in the album's introduction with keyboards adding different layers to the band's sound. It's a well-balanced track with changes in tempo and an atmospheric feel, without compromising on the ferocious overall tone. It's a balance that is well maintained throughout much of 'Order Divine' with keyboards providing subtle depth.

Title track, 'Order Divine', features supertight riffing and an emotional feel despite its brutally delivered vocal. Lyrics, whilst largely unintelligible, are intriguing in the snatches here and there that can be interpreted. A combination of clean and growled vocals is often, though not always, used to good effect in the Death/Doom genre, but the relentless, withering assault of Casey Hurd's throat-ripping roar ensures that the intensity of the album never lets up. It may be relatively brief for a full-length release, but it packs some serious intensity into its seven tracks.

Overall, Hinayana have made a crushing, uncompromising Death/Doom debut album with a melodic feel that adds depth to the crushing assault it delivers. If you're looking for an antidote to the current almost inescapable World Cup celebrations dominating our television screens, and the football-related musical atrocities that will no doubt blast from town centre bars until its conclusion, you will certainly find sanctuary in this formidable release.

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Reviewer's rating: 8/10


Tracklist :
1. Gateway
2. The Window
3. Arise
4. Order Divine
5. Revelation
6. Return to Nothing
7. Conduit Closing

Duration : Approx. 34 minutes

Visit the Hinayana bandpage.

Reviewed on 2018-06-24 by Nick Harkins
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