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Eye Of Solitude : Slaves Of Solitude

Eye Of Solitude's latest album sees the band building further on their Funeral Doom direction.

Over just eight years - not a long term for a Death/Doom band - Eye Of Solitude went through a cycle of metamorphosis: starting as a solo project of extremely prolific musician Daniel Neagoe, it slowly turned into a serious band with a full line-up. Eye Of Solitude can now allow themselves participation in festivals and even on tours, and this spring they played a few shows in the USA. But, of course, the main transformation happened inside the sonic body of this outfit. Today, the dynamic, painful Death/Doom that Daniel performed alone on 2011's 'The Ghost' has lost most of its decorative elements, slowed down and - after previous album 'Cenotaph', that pointed the way towards this tendency - Eye Of Solitude has finally wrapped itself in a Funeral shroud.

Cryptic whispers of silent prayers and menacing drums section open 'The Blind Earth'. The composition grows heavier, to the point where it becomes a grim form of ceremonial Funeral Doom. Thunderous growls and riffs, soaked with the smell of soil, transport you to a funeral - in the classical sense - but Eye Of Solitude arenít going to bury you to death under mountains of riffs. 'Still Descending' is a bit reminiscent of Clouds, but that's because of an undyingly sad piano tune. There is a heartfelt, touching part with clean singing and a beautiful atmospheric structure, but it's just a prelude to the truly crushing depressive storm that rages until the final calming section of the last broken litanies. I guess that here you can find traces of Danielís classic music influences - Sibelius and Haydn. The calmness of 'Still Descending' is interrupted like an uncontrollable fall as Daniel roars out all his frustration and anger in the final lines: "A cross/An avil/Real lies in his merciless divinity?/The most grievial sorrow awaits/Over weeping ashes/Alone... alone". This track flows into the next monument of misery: 'Confinement'. It pours a soothing balm, as the intoxicating morass of despair evaporates - but not for long, as Eye Of Solitude reveal their extreme incarnation with a quite brutal uptempo attack. 'The Cold Grip Of Time' and 'Boundless Silence' combine the components that build the first three songs in equal measures: these are deep, carefully thoughtful tracks, and both will take you deeper in the misanthropic gloom. These compositions move steadily, but contain moments of anguish and agony as well.

'Slaves To Solitude' is an amalgamation of 'Cenotaph''s mournful, burial pressure and Clouds' deep clean moments of distilled grief. This material surpasses earlier Eye Of Solitude works, and its logical evolution is bound to the growing professionalism and competence of its creators: a really profound and successful work.

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Reviewer's rating: 9/10


Tracklist :
1. The Blind Earth
2. Still Descending
3. Confinement
4. The Cold Grip Of Time
5. Boundless Silence

Duration : Approx. 53 minutes

Visit the Eye Of Solitude bandpage.

Reviewed on 2018-06-30 by Comrade Aleks Evdokimov
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