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Extremely slow and heavy sludge/doom in the vein of Corrupted and Grief. The project is currently on hold as the person behind the band is current...
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Aiauasca : Rise Of The Molecule

A cerebral yet punishingly sludgy trip into altered consciousness: the debut from Canada's Aiauasca.

Remember Angakok? Thought not. Well, not since their 2015 eponymous release has a debut Sludge recording tickled me as much as Aiauasca's 'Rise Of The Molecule'. The band's name and album title suggest that there is something more going on with this lot, outside of the usual angry Sludgy nihilism peddled by the likes of Grief or Whitehorse. That's not to say Aiauasca paint a cheery picture, they just come over a touch more cerebral. Just like Angakok.

Taking their cues from the 'heaviest bands in Doom, Black and Death Metal' as well as drawing on more left field, experimental music, the band admit to endeavouring to put the audience in a 'trance-like state using everything from repetitive riffs, droning atmospheres, contemplative melodies and punishing heaviness'. All this attempts to mimic the altered states of conciousness induced by the Amazonian tribal drink from which they derive their name.

If there is such a thing as Atmospheric Sludge Doom then 'Rise Of The Molecule' is it. Textured noise prevaricates over much of the slow, heavy music, but never pushes it too far into Post-Metal territory. The layers of noise, when in evidence, provide a soothing constant above the twists and turns of the heavy riffage. Not quite as punishing as a Walk Through Fire release or the aforementioned Whitehorse, if you've ever wondered what a group consisting of members of Hipoxia and Conan might sound like, then Aiauasca might have an answer for you.

Final track, 'Dimensions Of Dimentia', keeps to the subject matter of altered states but, somewhat paradoxically, it focuses on the life of a drug addict. Perhaps the antithesis of the purpose of the shamanic potion, the addict seeks to escape reality rather than try to experience it fully. A concept album then, if you will. 'Rise Of The Molecule' is about facing one's demons, and crossing the inner abyss with the aid of the spirit molecule, DMT. It aims to examine what it means to cleanse the doors of perception, as well as interpret, in a musical sense, the wild ride of purification in the search for the ultimate peace...and rather strangely, it pretty much accomplishes just that. Thought provoking and cathartic, 'Rise Of The Molecule' is a fitting ode to the destructive process that is awakening.

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Reviewer's rating: 8/10


Tracklist :
1. Rise Of The Molecule (Part 1)
2. Rise Of The Molecule (Part 2)
3. Storm Lord
4. Dimensions Of Dimentia

Duration : Approx. 35 minutes

Visit the Aiauasca bandpage.

Reviewed on 2018-07-02 by Matt Halsey
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