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Mistress Of The Dead : Beloveth Forever In My Thoughts

After years of silence, Mistress Of The Dead's newest release is a powerful and prolonged work of Funeral Doom.

I don't remember how I first stumbled across Mistress Of The Dead but I remember it was a long time ago. I own most of their back catalogue, demos included, so it's safe to say that I am a big fan of this one-man Czech Funeral Doom act.

I think what I like the most about Mistress Of The Dead's music is that it's borne out of a genuine loss. Vlad pours all of his pain and anguish at losing someone he loved into his music and the effects are incredibly captivating to me. I can't get near the pain he has experienced, of course, but he does such a good job of conveying it that I cannot help but feel a shudder at times when listening to his music because of how powerful it is.

Like all of Mistress Of The Dead's previous releases, this is a powerful and prolonged piece of Funeral Doom. If you don't like Funeral Doom then there's absolutely nothing on this release for you. However, if Funeral Doom is up your alley then I suspect you'd enjoy this and all of the band's back catalogue too, if it's still available anywhere.

If I were to try to describe the Funeral Doom on 'Beloveth Forever In My Thoughts', I would say it's a slight mix of early Nortt and Esoteric. However, I must stress that this band does not follow either band closely. This is a lot less menacing music. Mistress Of The Dead tend to create a very forlorn atmosphere, which is naturally associated with loss. Vocally, you can feel Vlad's anguish but this is not angry or malicious music. It's very contemplative and almost protective of memories, in my opinion. It's safe to say that the atmosphere generated is very unique, which is yet another reason why I like this band as much as I do.

There's a lot to like about this album, in my opinion. The slow, soaring guitar leads, the deep growled vocals, the meticulously planned song structures. I would even say that this release is a touch more polished than those of the past. Ultimately, it's the atmosphere that is the best part though.

I wondered if they'd ever come back after they went on their most recent hiatus. It's been seven long years since 'Henrietta's Message From The Other Shore' but now they're back with a bang. For me, Mistress Of The Dead has long been a band that stands out in the Funeral Doom scene and this release only reinforces my belief. That's especially the case when you consider how long Mistress Of The Dead were out of the Doom scene for, and how effortlessly they produce masterful music upon their return. I'm delighted to see them back, and I genuinely think that any Funeral Doom fan should enjoy this album to a considerable degree. For me, it's pure brilliance.

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Reviewer's rating: 9/10


Tracklist :
1. Daffodils
2. Only Ruinous Silence Of Blissful Memories Remained
3. Beloveth Forever In My Thoughts

Duration : Approx. 63 minutes

Visit the Mistress Of The Dead bandpage.

Reviewed on 2018-08-04 by Ian Morrissey
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