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Heavy sludge/doom which vary between playing slow and mid-paced music. Their loatheful and menacing music would perhaps be most interesting for fans of Eyeha...
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Deep Memories : Rebuilding The Future

Rocking the South American Black/Death/Doom sound is this offering from solo project Deep Memories, and it's well worth a listen.

After leaving Death/Black Metal band Desdominus in 2005, vocalist/guitarist Douglas Martins decided to go it alone. Several years later, in 2016, he resurfaced with Doom/Death Metal powerhouse Deep Memories. The band released two recordings two years later in 2018. Surprisingly slick production and a distinct lack of fear lead to the creation of his debut album. Compared to the band's peers this is less Doom, but still pretty good all around.

Right away I noticed this band is at the higher end of the Doom Metal spectrum in regards to tempo. Slumber was in this category as well, though these bands are nothing alike outside of this. Oddly, I heard a lot of Moonspell, particularly in the vocals and in some of the riffs. Mandylion era The Gathering was a huge influence too in the keyboard department. The keyboards are layered and add a fair amount of atmosphere to the songs.

I found this to be more Black/Goth/Death, with lots of atmosphere. I like it overall. The band's South American sound isn't too far removed from Poema Arcanus, specifically with the leads and solos. Its refreshing to hear modern Doom Metal bands play them, as most don't. As with many South American bands, there is a noticeable Iron Maiden influence to their sound. Lots of harmonized lead passages pounce at every corner. The music is fresh and epic but not so garish as to ruin the mood. The crunch-heavy tunes and upbeat attitude of the morose material is an interesting juxtaposition that a great many bands don't have.

The vocals are at the higher end of the Death Metal spectrum with a few cleans mostly towards the end of the album. The vocals are layered and harmonized, giving the music a poppy vibe.The music is very polished: too polished, perhaps, for the style he's trying to play, too. Really, if there's a downside it would be the the over-usage of keyboards and the overly glossy production. There's nothing wrong with excellent production, but the music shouldn't sound machine perfect.

The music is almost whimsical in its old school meets new school interpretation. I think anyone in the market for a newer and faster Doom/Death metal band could do far worse than Deep Memories

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Reviewer's rating: 7.5/10


Tracklist :
1. When The Time For My Last Breath Comes
2. Suffocating Grayish Darkness
3. There Is No End
4. Between Two Dimensions
5. Looking At The Black Mirror
6. The Bitter Taste Of Illusion
7. Explicit Way To Relieve Pain
8. Erased Directed Mindsets

Duration : Approx. 45 minutes

Visit the Deep Memories bandpage.

Reviewed on 2018-10-29 by Doom_Guy
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