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Doomed : 6 Anti-Odes To Life

Doomed have crafted a exceptionally focused Doom/Death album that is sure to appeal a myriad of metal heads.

This right here is excellent! I know, I know, I'm just bursting out with the praise but I had to get it out! Doomed is a one man effort of Pierre Laube (his brother Yves is playing lead as a guest) who is obviously a very gifted composer as well as instrumentalist. The latest Doomed is a monster of an album that is chock fulled of layered, melodic, varied and intelligent doom. A part of me wanted to just leave this review with me just saying to go listen to it but, hey, where would the fun be in that?

The opener 'The Doors' is a pretty good indicator of what you'll be in store for with the heavy, suffocating, churning distorted rhythm guitars complete with a clean guitar that introduces a melody that unfurls slowly and changes throughout the song yet never overtaking any section of the composition. The care to detail is quite extraordinary, with no instrument ever really becoming the star component but rather adding to the intricacy of the compositions elegantly and powerfully. That's an insanely tough thing to do. Its not uncommon for multiple guitars to be doing different melodies that are all intimately linked. For example during 'Touched' there will be multiple different rhythmic components working to get a fully fleshed out idea. Like, the guitar will be doing a heavy chug rhythm complete with a pinch harmonic underneath a clean guitar melody and a tremolo part… Then things switch up to create variety over the same melodies! Even the samples and leads are linked with absolute care and that says something about the craftsmanship displayed here.

I honestly could go on about the phenomenal song writing, but it would be redundant with me going OK, so like this part is awesome and changes a million times, and it's just more awesome than the last so I'll try and keep my newly minted fanboyisms to myself and just mention the incredible 'The Gifts' which is just an insanely well-crafted song. It's just so different to the rest that it has to be mentioned. Just a beautifully mesmerizing drum pattern, with the best use of the Egyptian scale that I've heard in a very long time. Usually the scale is used for some variation on heavy riffing but here its used in a more droning pattern to just lull you into full musical bliss before the heavy guitars and gutturals come back in. The song couldn't have happened without the immaculate drum and bass performance as well. Definitely the highlight for me.

Production-wise, basically what we have here is, again, flawless. Every instrument has a clearly defined space in the aural spectrum and you'll never have to fight to hear it. If I was getting really picky I will say you won't be overwhelmed with suffocating guitars or anything, but that's not a big deal since it's more of a collaborative effort with the instrumentation rather than just being pummelled with riffs. What I'm saying is it suits the music perfectly and never deters from the songs.

I can't stress enough how well thought out this album is. If I was to find some sort of problem I will say for those of us who need riffs and an energetic performance to really seal the deal, you won't find that here. This is almost wholly based on melody so if you're a riff person then you may be let down. Don't confuse what I mean by the performance either. Clearly this is a work of passion, but to pull something like this off, often the energy behind it is sacrificed for careful and powerful precision, but that can just be a personal thing and does little to weaken a composition of this magnitude. If I have advice for approaching this it would be to have patience, there is a ton here to digest and you simply won't get it all on a first listen. So sit back, listen and pay attention because like I said before… This right here is excellent!

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Reviewer's rating: 9/10


Tracklist :
1. The Doors
2. Aura
3. Touched
4. Our Gifts
5. Reason
6. Insignificant
7. Layers (Ode to Life)

Duration : Approx. 65 minutes

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Reviewed on 2018-11-06 by Eli Elliott
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