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Ungraved Apparition : Pulse_0

Ungraved Apparition's debut shows glimpses of excellence, oftentimes ruined by an unsteady and pointless layout, and somewhat generic vocals.

This is bit of a tough one for me to review. On one hand I find myself really enjoying a ton of ideas on this disc, but on the other side of things I feel like its a bit uneven at times despite showing glimpses of excellence. Ungraved Apparition are relative newcomers, having only been formed since 2014 but seem to be sure of themselves as far as performances go, throwing melodic Death/Doom with some Death Metal, Trad and blackened influences into the pot. I just wish a bit more care was given to layout. The little things can mean all the difference when you're trying to separate yourself from the pack!

Ok, right off the bat lemme just say every song having a intro is NOT adding anything here! If anything it's annoying and only really pads the runtime. The only track missing one is 'Coma' and I really feel like it benefits from not having to rely on one to introduce the song. It starts with some real satisfying clean guitars before getting heavy. Nice riffing here! Some good use of grooves and single note drones to make sure you feel the gloom. Not that it's without sampling but it just used so much more effectively here that I had to mention it as it's actually integrated into the song. Nice build ups here as well! I dig it ! It's worth mentioning as well that the lead sound and cleans are very effective throughout, having a neat delay/reverb mix that really allows it to sit behind even the more chunky sounds as well. But these damn intros… they just kind of ruin a lot of steam the band picks up. Let me be clear, though: I like sampling, but it needs to be integrated better, hence why I mentioned that it was used well in the original track. Like nothing happens usually but a bunch of kinda goofy 'grim' sounds and moaning. Just STOP IT and rock, dammit!

Riff-wise, the chunky guitars make them sound more interesting than they really are. There are a few gems (my favourites showing up during the band's namesake): overall I feel like they are a bit generic for my taste but they do do a serviceable job of moving everything forward. The band is far more effective though when the clean guitars show up and the leads take over a tad to lay out some melody. When everything comes together the music is VERY effective. I mentioned 'Ungraved Apparition' in particular because not only are the riffs effective but the cleans and leads come together perfectly. More of that please! Then they pull it off again on 'Putrefaction Bacteria'! Nice! Without the intro it would have been a block of excellence, but the pointless intro took away the momentum.

As far as the vocals go they are very typical of Death Metal in particular, with the highs and lows being employed in the same tune often at the same time. I'll be honest, it's not my favourite style. I find them to be a bit too busy and lacking the power that would really elevate this and honestly they aren't interesting enough to carry the verses that lack a solid melody or riff.Everything is just so much better when they take a back seat! Drums are nice-sounding though and do a decent job of keeping things fresh throughout. Nothing crazy, but serviceable! I have to mention the bass though, it pops out during 'Gangrene' and I actually laughed since it sounded so small next to the guitars. I'm sure that wasn't what they were going for but it was still a good groove!

I really like what these guys are capable of, honestly. When things come together it's very enjoyable. It's just a tad uneven overall. If they dropped the intros (or did more incorporation) and added some more pizzazz to the vocals they could be FAR more effective. The band's young though so let's hope that they continue to improve and add to their sound. As it stands, though, it'd be hard to justify coming back to this until they become a tad more consistent… GET RID OF THE INTROS DAMMIT!

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Reviewer's rating: 6/10


Tracklist :
1. Coma 2. Help! (Intro)
3. Help!
4. One Who's Not Breathing (Intro)
5. One Who's Not Breathing
6. Ungraved Apparition (Intro)
7. Ungraved Apparition
8. Putrefaction Bacteria (Intro)
9. Putrefaction Bacteria
10. Gangrene (Intro)
11. Gangrene
12. Dust (Intro)
13. Dust

Duration : Approx. 34 minutes

Visit the Ungraved Apparition bandpage.

Reviewed on 2019-01-04 by Eli Elliott
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