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Majestic Downfall : Waters Of Fate

A bleak but highly effective and hypnotic album from veteran Death/Doom outfit Majestic Downfall.

This is Majestic Downfall's fifth album released through Solitude Productions and Weird Truth Productions in Europe and Asia, and by Chaos Records across America. The theme of the album is human disgust and again Jacobo Córdova takes the main brunt of the albums work performing bass, rhythm guitar, and vocals. He is also in other bands such as Ticket to Hell and Zombiefication. The album is entitled 'Waters of Fate'. For those who like artwork, like me, this depressing piece was created by Ars Moriendee.

Wasteland and open spaces come to mind as the first track 'Vein' slowly paints the picture. The sound is beautiful when the distorted guitars come in. The bass is prominent in the mix. Powerful and warm it adds weight to the rhythm and is left to paint its own dreary story. Every instrument has its own space, nothing stands out too far in the mix. The leads are blended in nicely. I'm really liking the tempo changes and the different direction the song takes midway through. With purpose the vocals rip through on top of meaty riffs. For a first song this is impressive stuff. This band is not afraid to just let themselves go and this song reflects some great structures.

'Waters of Fate' continues and elevates the boundaries further. Faster paced and especially depressing in areas that one simply must soak it all in and contemplate life in this bleak world of ours. His vocals are filled with turmoil and anguish leaving you almost visualising your own version of events in your head. Drums are powerful hitting you with blow after blow leaving you breathless and twisted with torment. It is a track that has enormous emotional elements to it and connects with your darkest fears.

'Contagious Symmetry' is another fantastic song. It's majestic and has everything. It really submerges the listener with beautifully crafted hooks and never ending twists and turns. At over 11 minutes its another track that Jacobo Córdova spills his sorrow and misery into. It's quite a accomplishment that we must remember that this is a one man project. It's a hell of a lot to take on but he's done it with great energy and effort. Yes he had guests perform on the album such as Alfonso Sanchez (drums), Dah (lead guitar), and Aly (guitar solos) but i am guessing the main work, creative structures were composed by Jacobo. The album was mastered by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studio in Stockholm.

'Spore' is a short but still very interesting 2 minutes of music. The solo at the end of Spore simply cements it and we drift slowly awaiting the continued punishment. 'Collapsed Pitch Black' is another solid track. It does not offer anything different and maybe it does not need to as it fits in nicely within the album. Some sporadic tempo changes will keep you interested but this was probably my weakest song overall. Lastly we have a bonus track entitled 'Waters of Fate'. This is just ambient sounds of despair, sorrow. Beautiful crafted keyboard melodies leave a somber feeling. Funerals and decay come to mind whilst disturbing voices leave you alone and miserable. Growls disappear leavings bleak sounding voices to fill your head with.

There are many great things to take from this album moving forward and I think they can be pleased with the final product. It's a bleak outlook on life but one worth listening to. Another great hypnotic album to feast your ears on.

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Reviewer's rating: 8/10


Tracklist :
1. Veins
2. Waters Of Fate
3. Contagious Symmetry
4. Spore
5. Collapse Pitch Black
6. (Bonus track) Waters Of Fate

Duration : Approx. 52 minutes

Visit the Majestic Downfall bandpage.

Reviewed on 2019-04-06 by Riccardo Veronese
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