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Maze Of Feelings : Maze Of Feelings

Polish/Russian collaboration Maze Of Feelings offer a somewhat unfocused Death/Doom-based debut full-length.

'Maze Of Feelings' is the 2018 debut of the Polish band of the same name. All I knew about this band prior to reviewing the album was that I was to expect a Death/Doom release, which I can confirm is indeed the case.

The first term that came to mind after listening to this album was 'naive', which was used purely in relation to the song structure. Basically, most of the songs had sounded rushed. I couldn't really fault the production nor the technical skills of the band but there simply weren't any songs that I felt I enjoyed. Admittedly, I do prefer Death/Doom to crawl more than it sprints but I don't think that's the problem here. To me, the music is as if the band has prepared to play it live rather than for an album. If I were to watch Maze Of Feelings perform this album live, chances are good that I'd probably enjoy it. For example, there would be plenty of good solos, build-ups, and harsh vocals to boot. Other than beer, what else would you need for a good gig but the aforementioned? For an album however, I don't think there's enough on this release to keep a fan of Death/Doom appeased.

'Grey Waters Of Indifference' could be an exception to the rule, mind you. That track didn't feel rushed at all. Personally, I think a band playing Doom Metal nowadays has to understand the importance of patience and atmosphere, two things that are closely entwined. Only on 'Grey Waters Of Indifference' did I find those two elements on 'Maze Of Feelings', which is why I ended up feeling like the album was rushed. It's a shame, really, because Maze Of Feelings hasn't done much wrong on this release. With a bit more focus on their song structures, I think this band could easily make a name for itself in Doom Metal. Without doing so, however, I fear they may drift into anonymity like so many before them.

The album artwork has a decent layout albeit completed with the traditional indecipherable font for lyrics. I have no idea why so many bands do this nowadays. Then again, it's been some years since I paid any mind to purported 'Metal etiquette' so perhaps it's just me showing my age. It seems that even on the artwork side of things, the band seems to be so near and yet so far away from producing a really good release!

Personally, I think the band needs to establish more of a focus when it comes to moving forward. The fact that they utilise harsh male vocals in conjunction with clean male vocals and clean female vocals tells you that this band does not know which direction it wants to go in because all three of those elements bring something different to songs, as you all know. There are faint traces of Gothic Metal in this music as well as - dare I say it? - Nu-Metal, although the dominant genre/sub-genre is Death/Doom. There's even a very faint nod toward Austria's Dargaard toward the end of 'Cold Sun Of Borrowed Tomorrow'. As I said earlier, the song structure on this release is a bit too naive for my liking, and I imagine it'd be the same for most fans of the sub-genre. It's hard to deny the potential of the band but like with most debut releases across the globe, more work is needed. Special points are awarded to the band for creating some kind of bizarrely unholy unity between Polish and Russian people, though!

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Reviewer's rating: 5/10


Tracklist :
1. Drained Souls Asylum
2. Adherents Of Refined Severity
3. Where Orphaned Daughters Cry
4. Necrorealistic
5. Grey Waters Of Indifference
6. Cold Sun Of Borrowed Tomorrow
7. Dreamcatcher

Duration : Approx. 56 minutes

Visit the Maze Of Feelings bandpage.

Reviewed on 2019-04-25 by Ian Morrissey
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