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Locus Titanic Funus : Never Pretend

Graceful, mournful and solidly written, the sophomore from Locus Titanic Funus is a decent Gothic/Doom release.

Locus Titanic Funus are a four piece band hailing from the cold murky dwellings of Russia. They blend a mixture of Black, Goth and Doom Metal. The album 'Never Pretend' is their second full length, after 2013ís 'Castus Lacrima' and is released by Another Side/Metal Scrap Records.

'Deadly Sun Wretched Skies' opens up this album with a short interlude. One thing I noticed straight off was the sound and mix. Very open and not as hugely crushing or suffocating as one might suspect. Strings and choir sounds fill your ears opening your palette and I get ready to really start this album.

'Sweet Embrace of Cowardice' at fourteen minutes enters beautifully, melodic and sweeping gently into spoken vocals. The drums have a great sound and really stand out. The spoken parts may take a bit of getting used to for some listeners. This band utilises its ability to add harmonies and tempo changes throughout this song. Growls descend over drum fills and work together with spoken words. Some levels here and there seem a bit loud and not blended in as much as I would have liked. Blast beats add a different feel pushing this song forward bleakly but always offering the listener hope of some sort of freedom. But the band plays on a freedom that needs to be let loose. Vintage instruments were used to record this album and that gives it a certain warmth.

Gracefully enters 'When the Robins Fall', with amazing crafted acoustic guitar. Itís a sad picture being painted here. Autumn feels very close to my heart when listening to this song. I really like the eerie feel they have on the quiet parts. Female vocals float effortlessly over the music. Some parts almost feel a little Anathema to me. The way they build and change direction with lots of different elements going on. Solos really elevate this songs final chapter. The bass provided by Alexey Kuznetsov add some great twists and turns. There is a breather in the instrumental 'Asphalt' that brings dark atmospheric sounds.

'Piper' brings us back to swaying harmonies and scowling vocals. For me personally I feel a bit disjointed by the vocals and they feel a bit distant from the music. Almost like they donít belong on these songs but having said that this is meant to all be rather organic. Female vocals however give us some warm rich ambience in 'You Are My Despair' and 'Eornion... My Dear Phantasm'. We drift slowly and slowly near the end. Some graceful pianos and structures build these songs well and they are pretty solid offerings all round.

'The Flowertale' and the very short 'Forgive Us' close out the album. More strings and touches of sadness mournfully fill our heads. The actual mix and mastering is of a very good standard. Maybe Iím being very harsh on the vocal side of this process but I still feel it even after a good few listens. It will be interesting to see what you fellow doomsters think of it. For now I will leave you to find your own judgement.

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Reviewer's rating: 7.5/10


Tracklist :
1. Deadly Sun Wretched Skies
2. Sweet Embrace Of Cowardice
3. When The Robins Fall
4. Asphalt
5. Piper
6. You Are My Despair
7. Eornion... My Dear Phantasm
8. The Flowertale
9. Forgive Us

Duration : Apprtox. 66 minutes

Visit the Locus Titanic Funus bandpage.

Reviewed on 2019-05-09 by Riccardo Veronese
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